Top Tips to Earn Freedom Checks by Matt Badiali

There are tons of people out there that are looking to invest their money, but don’t know where to invest. It is where the role of financial publishing house like Banyan Hill Publishing comes into the picture. It is one of the most coveted financial publication house in the United States and publishes newsletters, magazines, journals, and video tutorials on the subject of finance. Matt Badiali is one of the editors at Banyan Hill Publishing and is a natural resources expert. As a professional geologist, Matt Badiali has worked with some of the leading natural resources companies in the world.

If you are looking for some assistance with managing your finances, then following the advice and recommendations of Matt Badiali is a good idea. He has helped many people achieve their financial goals with his simple investment tips. The good thing about the investment tips of Matt Badiali is that they are easy to follow and result-oriented. Many people have followed his advice and gotten results that they were looking for. Matt Badiali has become popular among the investors and his readers due to the ad in which he is showing a check that he says the investors can earn regularly through his investment advice.

Matt Badiali is the editor of the newsletter named Real Wealth Strategist in which he speaks about the benefits of investing in MLPs. There are certain MLPs that are very profitable and that Matt has identified through his innovative and efficient research process. Matt Badiali says that by investing in these MLPs, getting Freedom Checks regularly is very much possible. The dividends that these companies offer is what Matt is referring to as Freedom Checks. Matt says that it is essential for people to invest regularly and it is these MLPs that offer perfect opportunity for investments and earn freedom checks.

As an editor of Real Wealth Strategist, he consistently offers financial advice that his readers can use. The good thing about these investment tips is that anyone without much knowledge of the financial world can also follow it easily. Matt Badiali follows simple and efficient tips that would help the investors earn Freedom Checks regularly.

Brad Reifler: A Very Successful Serial Entrepreneur

Brad Reifler has been involved in business practically all his life. Not only has he founded numerous companies, his grandfather, Ray E. Friedman, was the founded of Refco. A 1981 graduate of Bowdoin College with a degree in economics and political science, most people know Reifler as a serial entrepreneur. He founded his first company, Reifler Trading Corporation, in 1982. The firm, which was involved in global derivative execution, was purchased by Refco, Inc. in 2000. Reifler had also been a star trader for Refco for several years.

In 1995 Brad Reifler founded Pali Capital and ran it until 2008. During his almost 14 years as CEO Reifler led the company to unprecedented growth. He was able to increase its annual revenue to over $200 million. He was also able to expand the area in which the company provided financial services from only the U.S. to include Austria, Latin America, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

In 2009 Brad Reifler became Forefront Capital’s founder and CEO. It is one of the companies with which he is most closely associated. But Reifler has also served as director for a number of other companies. They include Sino Mercury Company, European American Investment Bank, Genesis Securities, Foresight Research Solutions, ITG Market Research Inc., ITG Investment Research Inc., Symmetry Property Development, LLC, Wins Finance Holdings Inc. and ROOT Exchange. Reifler is also on numerous advisory and corporate boards. He had been a Millbrook School trustee and finance committee chairman.

One of the most recent projects with which Brad Reifler has become involved is Forefront Income Trust. The company, which he founded in 2014, is a non-traded, public interval fund. It’s unique in that it allows mainstream Americans to invest in strategies which are usually reserved for the top 1% of investors. Not correlated to equities markets, the fund makes no money until the investor has racked up an 8% return. Forefront Income Trust also donates 3% of profits from direct investments to military families and veterans. To give investors partial liquidity, every quarter the fund buys shares back. It’s one way Brad Reifler gives back.

Betsy DeVos Is Looking To Improve The State Of Education In The United States

Betsy DeVos was born into a well-off, conservative family in the town of Holland, Michigan. She attended a private Christian high school as a youngster and went on to study at Calvin College, a private Christian college, where she received her Bachelor of Art’s degree in business economics. She became very involved in the politics on the Calvin College campus and continued her interest in politics after. Betsy DeVos served the state of Michigan as the Chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party and has been a large part of many important buildings and schools in the state, as well. She has donated large sums of money to the educational sector in the state and the country, at-large, and has been a proponent of educational choice ever since she was younger.


Betsy DeVos is now the Secretary of Education for the United States, but her confirmation was a close one and filled with controversy. Her political opponents attempted to make her look like a fool but friends who are close to her revealed that she was just slightly irritated with the fiasco. Many Washington insiders and other political figures have already begun to underestimate the woman; according to those who have followed Betsy DeVos for many years. They have gone on the record to admit that while she may seem amiable and silent, she is known in Michigan to be a worthy political opponent who uses her wealth and status to support the causes she believes in.


Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, has commented that Betsy DeVos is a force to be reckoned with. Mrs. DeVos called Weingarten up after her confirmation as Secretary of Education and requested a meeting with her. The pair ended up touring schools in Florida and discussing educational related matters. Betsy DeVos was even seen with Pitbull, the rapper who has gained a lot of attention for his profanity-filled lyrics. The reason for her appearance with the rapper had to do with the charter school he started up in Florida.


Betsy DeVos has worked for more than 30 years to see tax dollars used to help pay the tuition of children who want to attend private or charter schools. She has been a champion for Americans who can’t afford to send their children to these kinds of schools and is responsible for Detroit being the home of the densest area of charter schools. Many American families have her to thank for the opportunity to send their kids to a school they deem worthy.


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Infinity Group Australia Provides Personal Trainers for Your Finances

The award-winning financial company, Infinity Group Australia, was recently featured in Joseph Roberts’ article “Financial Fitness with Graeme Holm and Infinity Group Australia.” The article was published in the Analyst of Finance, a daily financial news website. The article reveals the origins of the company and the reason why the founder is so dedicated to helping families pay off their debt as quickly as possible.


Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker spent the majority of 2013 researching the mortgage industry. They were curious about the problems at work in the industry and why most people with a 30-year mortgage were only paying the minimum payments. He discovered that most families were living paycheck to paycheck and had no way to pay more on their mortgage.


This discovery led Holm to create Infinity Group Australia, a brokerage company dedicated to helping families throughout the entire loan process, instead of just abandoning them after the loan is signed. Instead, Infinity Group Australia was designed to help families pay off their 30-year mortgage in 7-10 years, saving them thousands of dollars. They are able to accomplish this through the philosophy of financial fitness.


Financial fitness is something the company creates with each customer. Not only do they create a detailed budgeting plan where the family can only spend the cash allotted for the week, but they are also provided with reports. The reports are provided each month by their personal banker to help the family pay off their loan as quickly as possible. The report reveals whether they are hitting their benchmarks or if they need to adjust their budget. This helps the families understand the difference between a desire and a necessity, helping them stay accountable for their goals. Clients will get another report at the six-month mark, providing a detailed review of their spending over the past six months to help them reach their goals of reducing the family mortgage.


Holm created this system because he believes in helping families by providing guidance and support throughout the whole loan process and the client’s journey. He likes to think of the company as providing personal trainers for finances. He recognizes that people will get better results with precise guidance from experts in the field.


This philosophy has led the company to win numerous awards but they feel the biggest reward is the result their clients get. Generally, their clients will pay off their 30-year mortgage in 7-10 years. This will eliminate nearly $40,000 in debt in the first year. Learn more :

Why Sujit Choudhry Is Considered a Comparative Law Guru

The technology would not have advanced and developed this way if the constitutional law wasn’t involved. Without a steady constitutional law, many countries would not enjoy political stability. Several democratic processes are involved when enhancing the political stability of any country. However, it is important to appreciate that achieving this is not possible without some constitutional law personalities like Sujit Choudhry. Sujit has been involved in writing various constitutions to help people understand their constitutional obligations and expectations. Many countries recognize Sujit Choudhry as an international constitutional authority. If he weren’t available when some countries had some political and constitutional instability, they would not have known peace to this day.

Sujit is a man who highly esteems constitutional research. He mainly focuses on decentralization, constitutional design, and federalism when researching constitutional matters. The role Sujit Choudhry played when South Africa, Egypt, Libya, Jordan, Nepal, and Canada were drafting their constitutions is unforgettable, check ( He serves at the Constitutional Translations Center as the Director, and this position has helped him to bring constructional stability to other countries besides those mentioned here. Sujit Choudhry is very competent in handling constitutional issues using his immense comparative law knowledge.

It’s good to appreciate that Sujit is also a renowned publisher. He has written some materials on Constitutional Democracies in Crisis, look here ( In comparative law, one studies different legal systems and their similarities and differences. It may require you to compare customary laws with the religious laws. While Sujit Choudhry appreciates that many countries have embraced the comparative law, he says it’s unfortunate that others haven’t yet. With the many benefits that come with the study of comparative law, he advises every country to accept it, get more information on

He has been in some universities and other law schools teaching comparative constitutional law. As a comparative law professor, his skills and knowledge are incomparable. Together with other Constitutional Transitions founders, Sujit and the team gather and share information that other countries could use to make an effective constitution. He says the only way to make the policy-making process smooth is coming up with evidence-based reports. The Center for Constitutional Translations has closely worked with world-class universities, think tanks, and NGO’s. According to Sujit Choudhry, any country requires some legal professionals to compare and review the constitutional laws, and also assess the weaknesses and strengths of these laws, visit


Madison Street Capital Now Assumes The Role Of The Only Financial Advisor To Arrange Napoleon Machine’s Credit Facility

It is now official that Madison Street Capital is the sole provider of important credit facility to Napoleon Machine. MSC is an internally acclaimed firm that has gained unprecedented recognition following many years of quality credit service in the investment industry. The latest announcement that it is now the official lone financial advisor for Napoleon does not come as a surprise to many people. It is worth it, and most industry players had seen this coming.


Napoleon Machine was founded some eight years ago in 2010. When opening up, it also made a mark as a value provider that is certified. Because of this, it would offer various manufacturing services to different big and small companies. Some of the services that can be associated with Napoleon Machine are light assembly, painting, precision machining, metal fabricating that can be customizable to fit the individual company needs, as well as several other services that any established or starting steel company may need.


Madison Street Capital CEO Charles Botchway made the transaction announcement. When launching the much-needed financial advice, the CEO was not the only Madison Street Capital official that was present. Others that were present during the press statement issuance are VP Capital Markets Steven Richards, and Barry Petersen, who is the current Senior Managing Director. During the launch, the CEO made it clear that the start is nothing to be celebrated but the continued service and support should.


“This credit facility that we’re issuing today together with follow-up plans that we’ve lined up to do in subsequent days are what we should be proud of. We will continue to provide great access to substantive operating capital to Napoleon. This, in turn, will enable the company to not only expand its manufacturing capabilities but also ensure there are efficiency and consistency in the market. That I believe is what is important to MSC,” said the CEO.


While receiving the help from Madison Street Capital, Napoleon machine President Kevin Febrey said that they are happy as a company to be associated with MSC. “Madison Street Capital is perhaps the only group that has really taken its valuable time to not only gives us a listening ear but also to try and understands our part of the story. The effect is that today, the team has shown that it can extend a hand,” said Napoleon’s President.


Excellence, integrity, service delivery, as well as quality leadership, are some of Madison Street Capital’s core values. For a detailed story on Madison Street Capital, you can visit


Connect with Madison Street Capital on LinkedIn.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s Take On Brazilian Economic Policy

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is currently the chairman and former CEO of Banco Bradesco. His work in the company has been very impressive and can only be admired by many. It was under his watch that the company’s assets and credit portfolio rose to R $ 1.4 trillion and 493 billion respectively.

He left the company under the capable hands of Octavio de Lazari Jr, who previously headed the company’s insurance unit and was the company’s executive vice president.

It is through the experience that Luiz Carlos Trabuco acquired that taught him that the performance of the private sector depends on how well the economy at large is doing. He therefore, has been contributing to numerous debates about the country’s economic policy over the years. He recently disclosed that the administration of President Termer has created a favorable environment for investment.

Read more: Bradesco anuncia novo presidente: Octavio de Lazari Junior vai substituir Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

The Brazilian economy has been doing well recently. The country’s economic recovery might continue into future. This is after the country went through a deep recession, between 2014 and 2016. This implies that the future is bright for Brazil. CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco however thinks that it is too early to celebrate this economic recovery. He added that for the recovery to be effective, the government must make economic reforms in order to correct the hole in the country’s public accounts. Without this, the recovery is, in his words, ‘just a chicken flight’.

According to, Luiz Carlos Trabuco thinks that it is the right time to contain Brazil’s fiscal deficit. According to him, if not limited, the government spending will soon become unsustainable. This would further lead to the Brazil’s solvency being questioned. He therefore suggested that the country’s public spending be minimized. For example, he thinks that reforms on the country’s pension are not necessary. All it will do is hike government spending. After all, the elites in the public sector receive more pension than their counterparts in the private sector.

It is vivid that people like Luiz Carlos Trabuco, in the private sector, have many ideas about the country’s economic policy. It is therefore high time that the Brazilian government consults them while coming up with its economic policy.

Search more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco:,bradesco-anuncia-substituto-de-luiz-trabuco-na-presidencia-do-banco,70002178384

How Talkspace Changed the Way that People See Therapy

With suicides at an all time high there is no better time than the present to get people to start talking about alternatives to traditional therapy. It is designed to create a lot of great possibilities for people to want to avoid the traditional route as they seek answers to their questions by way of text messages. A ton of people need help, and this app is helping people communicate.

Online counseling is growing, and Talkspace has over a million users to provide it. People that are licensed can submit an application, engage in training and obtain clients. Once therapists are matched up with the clients that fit their specialty area they can start working on a caseload. This is great for anyone that has been interested in practicing online counseling in the states that they are licensed in.

More people are hearing about this Talkspace app, and they want the chance to be a part of it because counselors know that some people are too embarrassed to walk into an office and start a session with a counselor. They would rather do this discreetly, and that is why the Talkspace app is so important. It helps users keep a level of secrecy about their therapy that might be harder to conceal if they were utilizing a traditional method.

This app even has partnerships with champions athletes like Michael Phelps. This is a surefire way to get conversations started about Talkspace and the concept of online counseling. People have gained a greater amount of curiosity about this app from his partnership with Talkspace. He has shared his story, and more people want to know how they can get help for their mental

health issues.

This type of application is something that can serve as a great evolution in the way that people acquire counseling. Some people may not even realize that they need it. The good thing about an app like this is that it presents people with opportunities to have conversations. They can get a better feel on whether this type of session with a licensed therapy professional will be to their advantage.

Betsy DeVos and Educational Fairness

Betsy DeVos doesn’t let the desire to be happy interfere with her objectives. That’s because she wants to help other people get their shots at happiness. She has a strong grasp of the value of a well-rounded and balanced education. That’s the reason that she wants everyone else in the country to be able to get it, too. Elisabeth Prince was fortunate enough to be able to attain a top-quality education years ago. That’s the name of the young lady who grew to become Ms. DeVos. Miss Prince was a sedulous college student who had big aspirations for herself. She had big aspirations for the United States as a whole. That activated her to do a lot of political work on the campus of Grand Rapids, Michigan’s Calvin College. The rest, as they say, is history.


DeVos has been married to Dick for years. Dick DeVos was the Amway Corp’s powerful principal for a long while. His leadership at the Amway Corp. started in the early nineties. It ended roughly a full decade later in the early 2000s as well. It wasn’t unusual at all for Dick to take on this major leadership position. That’s due to the fact that he had grown up admiring his father. His father was among the Amway Corp’s respected founders. DeVos has long been aware of the strength of running an enormous multi-level marketing corporation that catered to individuals all around the United States.


Betsy DeVos has a charitable streak. It’s a lot more than just a “streak,” though. Charity is a way of being for her. It’s practically something that motivates her to get up in the morning. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is a trusted charitable organization that has been a source of enthusiasm for Betsy and her husband since the eighties. They employ the group as a means of completing donations to all sorts of American causes. The foundation concentrates on sectors such as leadership, justice, the arts and even community. These are all things that push Betsy and Dick to work tirelessly on a daily basis.


DeVos has been speaking out about education in the country for longer than most Americans can possibly fathom. Since she’s a loving mother who has always wanted the best for her children, she emphasizes with other parents who reside in this country. She’s a Secretary of Education who doesn’t think that her job ever ends. She wakes up in the morning pondering the American educational system. She goes to bed each night seriously pondering it, too. That’s how it’s always been for her. DeVos longs to help provide all American students with world-class educational opportunities. She wants impoverished children in the country to be able to access them. She wants children who have stronger financial backgrounds to be able to access them as well. Fairness is a subject that influences DeVos all of the time.


DeVos tied the knot with Dick more than three decades ago. They have a total of four kids.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.

Anil Chaturvedi Helping Build Stronger Ties between European Countries and India

Anil Chaturvedi one of the most credible financial analysts and bankers based in Switzerland currently and serving as the Managing Director of the prominent private bank named Hinduja Bank. As the Managing Director of Hinduja Bank, Anil Chaturvedi has been mostly focusing on improving the economic relations between India and Europe. The Indian economy has been going through a massive transformation in the past few years, and it has helped the country improve its market image worldwide. It is also attracting a lot of attention from the foreign institutional investor considering the generous returns the Indian economy is promising currently. Anil Chaturvedi’s specialization lies in the region of corporate advisory, investment banking, private banking, and more.

Anil Chaturvedi understands he had a remarkable career in the banking sector and has worked with the different huge financial corporation over the four decades that he has been active professionally. Some of the banking and financial companies that he has worked for are ANZ Grindlays Bank, State Bank of India, and Merrill Lynch. At Merrill Lynch, Anil Chaturvedi worked as the Managing Director for around eighteen years during which he got the opportunity to work with some of the most prominent bankers and learn from them directly. It is also during this time that Barron’s Financial named him one of the most prominent financial advisers in the world. At Merrill Lynch, there is a circle of champions, which is a prestigious group where only the senior and experienced financial analysts are inducted. It is where Anil Chaturvedi was inducted as well due to the high-performance that he showcased under his leadership. The role of Anil Chaturvedi at Merrill Lynch helped the wealth management firm to get some very big accounts that helped the firm get hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

India has opened up its economy to foreign investments much more than ever before. Thus, it is a great opportunity for those European companies who have been looking for an opportunity to enter the Indian market with the least problem. Anil Chaturvedi has been helping build stronger ties between Europe and India, and it has begun to take shape.