Lessons Investors Can Learn From Richard Liu Qiangdong Life in Business

In two decades, the world of business has undergone different changes. According to Richard Liu Qiangdong, the changes have enabled the world of business to be more efficient and more importantly, to reach new markets. Liu is one of the investors that have facilitated these changes. In less than two decades, for example, he has transformed the Chinese mode of doing business to accommodate the need to trade virtually. Through JD.com, he hopes that he will continue to contribute to this market, both as an investor and as an expert with enough experience. Richard Liu Qiangdong journey has the following lessons to emerging traders and investors.

First, Liu has always dreamt big, both as a trader and as an expert in e-commerce. He believes that there are endless possibilities in the world of trading. Due to this belief, Richard Liu Qiangdong has made connections with industry players and all professionals that understand the e-commerce market. In an interview with an American news outlet, Liu pointed out that when he was starting in business, there was less information about e-commerce. However, he points out that he understands the value of creating bonds with other businesses and other industry players. In less than two decades, he is a well-connected investor in the world of business.

Second, he understands the value of structures and systems in the business world. Richard Liu Qiangdong points out that one of the reasons that his company is strong and profitable is because of functional structures. These structures according to him help the company to capitalize on the market dynamics and more importantly, maintain a good image. To make his company one of the best companies in terms of structures, Richard Liu Qiangdong was keen on hiring business executives. Currently, JD.com has some of the best professionals in the e-commerce business. Finally, Liu understands that although the company is an e-commerce company, there are characteristics of offline businesses that are important. Quality of goods, for example, is one of the areas that Richard Liu Qiangdong believes can help e-commerce companies fail. in less than two decades, he has put structures that help the company to only deal with quality commodities.

The Success Journey Of Edwin Miranda In Forming KOI IXS

Edwin Miranda is a man who strongly believes in the performance power of marketing. The CEO and the founder of KOI IXS has been equipping various clients with the tools they need to thrive in the market of today. On matters of leading an organization like KOI, Miranda elaborates of how he works with the most talented and passionate designers, strategists, creators, and thinkers.

According to Miranda, it is challenging to align all the creative talents and visions, even though it is worth to come up with a great piece at the end of it all. With the entire team, he elaborates that KOI has wealth history of powerful brand works that can be leveraged to offer a sharp edge to clients in the busy market of today. Miranda adds that it’s a pleasure to spearhead a great team like that of KOI.

Edwin Miranda usually wakes up at 5:30 am daily and checks newsfeed and email. To enhance productivity, Miranda emphases that it has been bearing fruits always to wake up early. No one should wait the day to come to them, but it should be the other way round. On advising the younger self, Miranda has advice for them: you should never fear to make mistakes, become passionate and bold.

Edwin Miranda elaborates how he achieved that as a youthful entrepreneur. Hence, he understands in order to mature for your goals and ideas; you should toil via life-changing experiences. Miranda obsessively makes to-do lists for the day’s activities. By checking the catalog, he understands well the long-term, mid-term and short-term objectives including how to accomplish them.

About the entrepreneurial dreams to life, Edwin Miranda had a passion for achieving his dreams and making them a reality. He believes that people must see your passion before they get passionate about your business.

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Strong and Consistent Leadership for Finance: Mike Nierenberg

Mike Nierenberg is a representative for Fortress Investment Group. FIG is a powerful, unique and innovative investment marketing fund headquartered in New York City. Powerful business individuals are more likely to experience market success. For example, when a respect individual states their opinion, people listen even if they don’t necessarily agree. There are a few key steps involved in becoming a powerful business individual. One of the first steps to becoming a powerful business individual is to listen to others. It is a common misconception that powerful people overpower everyone and stomp on other’s opinions. In reality, powerful individuals have the ability to listen to everyone in the room and then make their own conclusion.

Powerful individuals are free thinkers that make their own conclusions by themselves without consulting anyone. Those who feel the need to consult and receive approval are seen as weak and dependent. An independent leader is kind, respectful and professional. A respectful individual does not need to compromise their principals in order to act with manners. There is a fine line between respectful behavior and enabling behavior. If a principal or leader can not keep a firm ground, others will try and take advantage of them.

There are many books and online programs dedicated to teaching business individuals on attaining respect and power in their company. One of the best tips for CEO’s and executives is to always maintain themselves and what the stand for. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Therefore, if a business individual does not lose respect, they won’t have to earn it back. Company Executive Officers should spend at least five to ten years in an advisory position before they upgrade to CEO. Company Executive Officers are just like anyone else, they are individuals who need to learn the ins and outs. No leader is born great, they are taught and instructed over time. Great leaders come from great listeners. If a leader can truly listen to what their team needs, they will be extremely successful in their pursuit.

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How Investment Firms Rely On the Success of Madison Street Capital to Operate Their Business

During the recent business awards held in Chicago, Madison Street Capital received several awards for its unique contribution to the business industry. The company earned recognition with the Advisory deal of the year honors. It had transacted between 25 and 50mm dollars.




Madison Street Capital provided enough research to Sachs Capital GROUP before the company partnered with RMG Networks. Moreover, it financed the company in its previous debts with other reputable investments. Among the managers who helped the investment to progress in its ventures included Barry Peterson.




The awards ceremony




During the ceremony, its Chief Executive Officer, Charles Botchway was delighted with the recognition of the company’s efforts in enhancing a change in business. Through the awards, other firms would be challenged to work hard in their departments. Furthermore, the management would use the opportunity to help many clients to navigate in their transactions.




The company earned recognition for its restructuring activities that made necessary changes in the business. It was nominated in several other categories alongside 275 other influential companies. During that time, an independent judge was recruited by the business management to oversee the awards.




Through the whole exercise, the nominees had to impress the experts in an extraordinary manner. Furthermore, their reorganization and investment in various businesses in 2018 were analyzedkeenly where those companies that had made fundamental steps in their departments received the honors. In an announcement, the president of the advisory company said that Madison Street capital had worked hard to win the awards.




Since the business environment has become professional over the years, the management of the company realized that it had to change its tactics to depict an excellent performance. Thus, they controlled their customers, transactions, and other corresponding firms efficiently. However, the winners of the forum had to wait until this year so that they could receive their awards.




Madison Street Capital Reputation




The planning committee said that it would be useful if they gave them their awards during the investment summit held in March. Since the company is among the best investors in the country, it uses its achievements to enhance integrity, leadership, and offer excellence services. Moreover, in their vision, the management incorporated merger services so that other prospective companies could acquire the necessary facilities and financial opinions that they need for the administration.


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Hyland’s Teething Tablets Prove To Be An Effective Homeopathic Teething Treatment

There aren’t many oral care treatments for children and babies that can claim to be 100% natural and safe. However, Hyland’s Teething Tablets looks to be one of the most effective on the market. It’s worth looking at Hylands’ rich history and how this has informed the creation of the companies entire range. Being over a century old, the company does have a lot of history to draw on; as a matter of fact, Hylands prides itself on staying in touch with its roots while still creating homeopathic medicines for the modern family.

The company was founded in 1903, and since that time has produced a wide range of different medicines that help treat a variety of ailments. However, it’s been Hyland’s Teething Tablets that have been one of the most well received. This may be because the company has seen most of its success in the pediatric and oral care sectors of the homeopathic medicinal world. This may be because of how effective Hyland’s Teething Tablets have been in treating all of the symptoms of teething. Rather than focus on just on the oral pain, Hyland’s Teething Tablets have also been effective in treating the irritability, swelling, and discomfort that often accompanies teething pain.

It’s also been reported that the tablets have helped babies sleep while going through the teething process. The main factor behind this has been the main active ingredients that are used in Hyland’s Teething Tablets. it noted that the tablets were perfectly safe for consumption. However, they did remove the tablets from the market and subsequently released an updated version, this time called Hyland’s Oral Baby Pain Relief Tablets. These are almost the same as Hyland’s Teething Tablets, although with an adjusted formula to remove the belladonna while still being as effective as the original version. Because of that, Hyland’s Oral Baby Pain Relief Tablets are an innovative way to treat a babies teething problems.

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One Thing At A Time: Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a man who has been interested in the worlds of business and finance. He has worked hard to get to where he is today. He is a man who had the ambition to go after his dreams and make them a reality. He graduated from Fordham University in 1991 with a Master’s degree in Finance. This is when he put in the work and the time to make it in the financial sector. He has been working in the investment world for more than thirty years. With a win at the Franklin Templeton investment contest in 2008, he rocketed to the top of his profession. Now he is one of the most revered and respected investors in the country. In an interview with the Gazette Day, Paul Mampilly gives some predictions for 2019 in the business world.

One of the things that Paul Mampilly talks about is the fact that small companies can have access to large amounts of data. This used to be out of reach to small companies because of steep prices for information. With the internet being more powerful than ever prices for large amounts of data will come down and be more accessible. This will help small businesses be more competitive in the larger markets.

Another aspect that will grow in 2019 is the use of voice search technology. With the advent of Alexa and Google Home people and businesses will be able to do searches more quickly than before. He says that investments in artificial intelligence can make these types of searches more accurate for people and businesses across the globe. This will allow businesses to get more work done at a faster rate and increase their bottom lines. Something that took hours to look for can be found in a matter of minutes or seconds.

These are just a few things that Paul Mampilly talks about for the future of business. These are things that businesses and people can use to make things easier in the business world. These things can help move a business forward at a lightning fast pace.

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Talkspace Has Gained A Well-Known Ally From The Athletic World:

Michael Phelps, an athlete renowned for his exploits in the world of competitive swimming, has also opened up quite a bit in recent years about the struggles he has had in his life in regard to his mental health. He has fought his own battle with the issues of anxiety and depression over the years and has become a major advocate for mental health awareness over the last couple of years. Now, Michael Phelps is joining up with a unique new online therapy provider that is known as Talkspace. As a part of his new campaign with Talkspace, Michael Phelps has been featured in a new television campaign that has been aired across the United States.  Check out askmen.com to read more about Talkspace

What makes Talkspace unique is the fact that the platform gives its users the ability to connect with licensed therapists in a manner that is more easy and convenient than any that has been available before. Talkspace users can access the therapy that they need through their smartphone or tablet or they can access it through a computer. The company’s profile is getting a huge boost now that an athlete as well-known as Michael Phelps is joining its Board of Advisors. This is all a part of the Talkspace strategy to continue to make a massive difference in the lives of those who suffer from conditions related to mental health issues.

AT the head of Talkspace is its co-founder Oren Frank. He has made a name for himself as one of the leading figures in the industry of text-therapy. It was during the 2012 calendar year that Oren first founded Talkspace and since that time, the organization has been able to help millions of individuals. Many of these individuals had never sought treatment of any kind before their experience with Talkspace. This is a great demonstration of the massive difference that the platform is making in terms of getting people to give therapy a try.

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“Paul Saunders on What Managers can do When Employees Burnout “

Investment and finance has long been defined as a field of work that demands a lot out of people, and can push almost anyone to their breaking point. Founder and Principal of James River Capital, Paul Saunders, who’s spent decades working in these industries, knows what it takes to manage employees who are working in a high-pressure environment, and how to spot the signs when they’re in the throes of burnout.


Burnout isn’t something that just happens. Saunders notes that there are signs that point to an employee heading towards burnout, and how to prevent it from spreading to their coworkers. Luckily for supervisors, there’s steps they can take before it’s too late.


One way to spot an employee that is at the point of burning out, is a sense that there aren’t enough hours in the day. Daily tasks that lead to a loss of control are often the result of an office culture that boasts inflexibility. Saunders says that this can lead employees to drop their performance and consider other opportunities. Managers should look at these employees as an opportunity to change how the workday begins, setting reasonable goals. This makes it clear to employees what’s expected of them while also giving them a way to chart out the day.


In order to pull this off, supervisors need to be transparent and embrace a free flow of communication with their staff. For employees who don’t feel like their time is being used constructively are not far from feeling that they’re not valued at all. If an employee isn’t advancing in their career as they expected, it falls to supervisors and managers to expect why they were denied a specific promotion or a raise. This means making sure that employees are given a realistic assessment of their performance, which can help prevent a decline in their work.


Saunders notes that these steps can instill a sense of confidence in employees, but it may not work for everyone. In certain cases it will be necessary to work one-on-one with these employees to set small, personal goals that helps them rebuild that confidence that’s necessary to feel competent again and able to contribute meaningfully to collective goals that accomplish even bigger tasks.


While his background is in investment and finance, Saunders points out that burnout is an issue that’s common in the Western world. Mobile devices have played a role in promoting a culture of overwork. While mobile devices have made it easier for managers and employees to communicate, they’ve also normalized the idea that employees are always on the clock. This makes an employee feel overworked, and from there it’s not far to burnout, and others in the workplace feeling the same way. Learn more: https://investor.com/rias/james-river-capital-corp-133297


Cassio Audi: Brazil’s Financial Division for Business and Entrepreneurship

Cassio Audi is a South American businessman from Brazil. Brazil is a unique South American country. Unlike other South American countries, Brazils primarily speaks Portuguese. Portuguese is noted as the country’s primary language. With millions of speakers, Portuguese is the language of most Brazilian businessmen. Cassio Audi conducts his local business in Portuguese. When businessmen travel abroad, they may be required to communicate in another language. Most Brazilian businessmen speak Portuguese as their first language, Spanish as their second and English as their third. Many Brazilian businessmen are multilingual. Entrepreneurs from Brazil are also well-versed in cultures and languages. South America is home to many countries that speak Spanish.

As a result of their geographical location, many communities located on the border of Brazil have been influenced by Spanish dialect. There are many dialects of Spanish spoken near Brazil. Brazil and Peru share a unique border. Portuguese has been innovatively influenced by the Spanish language. Universities typically conduct their lectures and studies in Portuguese. If a university in Brazil has many Spanish enrollees, they may accommodate those students. Many universities teach students from the United States who primarily speak English as their first native language.

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Market America’s “The More The Merrier Strategy”

Hey, Market America, isn’t it getting crowded around here? The answer is yes and no. And don’t you love the support, anyway?

Let’s start with the Market America World Conference that sold out the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida, in early February. Loud, boisterous, and encouraging to the many attendees in the audience you might believe it was the bulk of the Market American conference calendar for 2018. In truth, this isn’t close to true, as the company has scheduled a long list of domestic and international conferences and seminars that represent huge learning opportunities for the unfranchise business entrepreneurs around the world. The conferences are not just exercised in lung power and self-congratulations, although that comes with the Market America territory and is a major part of the company’s very supportive agenda.

Whether you sell cars, planes, clothes, shoes, handbags or sporting gear, most people are fully aware that selling takes dedication, commitment, persistence and loyalty to and faith in the products you sell. With that in mind, you could also say selling involves unbridled enthusiasm for your company, your team and your products. With Market America, it turns out, this leaves you a lot to cheer about. But this is also why the company’s administration dedicates so many hours and so much effort in supporting its dedicated unfranchise entrepreneurs. Monetary rewards aside, reaching your potential is the No. 1 goal that the top ranking officers and the Ridinger family have for its growing team.

There are so many training events scheduled it would be difficult to list them here, but suffice it to say there are numerous product symposiums, moving up seminars and training opportunities for health professionals and entrepreneurs alike. There several NutraMetrix training scheduled, certified WebCenter training and motives certification training coming around, as well. Check the company’s event-oriented web pages at http://www.marketamericaevents.com/movingupseminar.html or call 800-232-8590 to reserve a spot at the training of your choice. Remember, some of these events sell out, so it pays to jump on board as early as you can do so.

In truth, the company’s business model is systematic and standardized, offering a chance for tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to reach their potential. Unlike other franchise systems, however, you need never feel you are on your own at Market America. Whether you are establishing your UnFranchise business as a part-time venture or jumping in with both feet in a full-time option, the support is there.

What’s to learn? For one, the system itself is unique. You can’t learn about Market America strategies at your local business school or your nearby community college. Market America is a fully independent, self-sustaining enterprise begun in 1992 that has blossomed into an enormous international business with over $7.3 billion in accumulated retail sales and that isn’t a typo.

With those kinds of sales numbers, the commission on sales is equally stunning: $3.8 billion in combined commissions and retail profits, which, easy math demonstrates, means more than half of all sales goes into the pockets of UnFranchise distributors – and, best of all, this is all done without so much as a dime in monthly fees.

The core product line for the company, which is expanding all the time, now involves hundreds of products that you cannot buy anywhere else. This exclusive product line is backed by extensive company research from trained scientists who conform to rigorous scientific principles before endorsing the health, beauty or nutrition products in the company line.

None of this restricts the UnFranchise developers in the slightest, because Market America has always been a company “without fences,” to put it one way. In the age of the Internet, there are no territorial fences that define where any UnFranchise can operate. If you live in New Jersey and find a customer in California, Hawaii, Vietnam or Brazil, then you are free to do business there if you so desire and can get them the product.

Finding overseas customers may not be so easy to do, but the company’s international footprint is paving the way to offshore markets from Asia to Europe. This type of expansion will only increase Market America’s profile, which benefits UnFranchise owners back in the United States as well.

It is one of the fallacies of business that competition hurts your profits. This simply is not true. Here’s the standard example and see if you can follow the logic.

Let’s start with a pizza parlor on Main Street in a moderately-sized village. When it opens, it has all the pizza business within a five to the eight-mile radius, assuming people eight miles away probably have other options for meals or for pizza.

Then, suddenly, the pizza shop’s owner hears what he thinks is terrible news. Another pizza shop is coming to the village and it’s opening right down the street!

Oh, calamities! Oh, horrors! The owner thinks. There goes half of his business or even more if the other shop makes better pizza or has better prices! And speaking of prices – even worse yet, the original pizza shop owner now thinks he’ll have to slash his prices and his profits to compete with this new upstart.

You will be surprised to find that the pizza shop owner’s fears are unrealistic. A year later, business is booming and profits are up! Why is this?

Well, remember those customers who were five to eight miles away and probably had other options for meals and for pizza? It turns out that with two pizza shops on Main Street in the village, that village has become the place to go for pizza in that area. All the in between customers who didn’t really love the first pizza shop are now driving to the village to try out the new place and finding, along the way, that the old shop really wasn’t as bad as they thought. So some of the sitting on the fence and half of the marginal customers from far away are not flocking to the original store. It turns out, there are plenty enough customers for both stores. The first shop owner just hadn’t realized that while he was all alone as the only store.

That’s right UnFranchise entrepreneurs; it turns out that in some businesses, the more the merrier. The more UnFranchise developers there are, the more customers from all walks of life will hear about Market America products. The increase in demand will help, not hurt, your business. It turns out, the for businesses, to a certain point the old expression is true: The More The Merrier.