End Citizens United Aims To Get Big Money Out Of Politics

Politics has become big business, with billions of dollars being spent during every election cycle. The massive amount of money being poured into politics is a result of the Supreme Court’s decision in the case of Citizens United v. F.E.C., where the Supreme Court ruled that money equals free speech and corporations have the same speech rights as people. Further, there is no transparency, so billionaires, large interest groups, and corporations can spend money with almost no oversight. As a consequence, we now have lawmakers passing laws that serve the interest of their large donors, not every day Americans.

One Political Action Committee (PAC) is trying to counter the Citizens United decision by advocating for sensible campaign finance reform. End Citizens Now is a grassroots organization that began in March 2015. The PAC uses everything from endorsing pro-reform candidates to helping pass reform laws at the state level.

With a midterm election right around the corner, End Citizens United has already endorsed big-name Senate incumbents who are champions of campaign financing reform. These Senators include:

Elizabeth Warren
Tammy Baldwin
Sherrod Brown
Angus King
Sheldon Whitehouse
Claire McCaskill

The group also endorsed a large number of challengers, both for the Senate and the House, who promise to keep campaign finance reform at the center of their legislative priorities.

In addition to candidates they endorse, the group also has the Big Money 20. These are members of Congress who do the bidding of their large donors. These politicians are only worried about keeping the wealthiest Americans happy, which almost always goes directly against the best interest of the American people. Some of the members of the Big Money 20 include:

Ted Cruz
Dean Heller
Paul Ryan
Duncan Hunter
Peter Roskam


While many political action committees are funded by a few wealthy individuals, End Citizens United is funded from small donations by everyday Americans. According to their website, the average contribution is only $14. But those small donations add up to big numbers. Under the leadership of the current President and Executive Director, Tiffany Muller, the group has more than $25 million. And because the money comes from people from all walks of life, End Citizens United isn’t beholden to a few mega-donors. They truly practice what they preach.

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