Madison Street Capital Now Assumes The Role Of The Only Financial Advisor To Arrange Napoleon Machine’s Credit Facility

It is now official that Madison Street Capital is the sole provider of important credit facility to Napoleon Machine. MSC is an internally acclaimed firm that has gained unprecedented recognition following many years of quality credit service in the investment industry. The latest announcement that it is now the official lone financial advisor for Napoleon does not come as a surprise to many people. It is worth it, and most industry players had seen this coming.


Napoleon Machine was founded some eight years ago in 2010. When opening up, it also made a mark as a value provider that is certified. Because of this, it would offer various manufacturing services to different big and small companies. Some of the services that can be associated with Napoleon Machine are light assembly, painting, precision machining, metal fabricating that can be customizable to fit the individual company needs, as well as several other services that any established or starting steel company may need.


Madison Street Capital CEO Charles Botchway made the transaction announcement. When launching the much-needed financial advice, the CEO was not the only Madison Street Capital official that was present. Others that were present during the press statement issuance are VP Capital Markets Steven Richards, and Barry Petersen, who is the current Senior Managing Director. During the launch, the CEO made it clear that the start is nothing to be celebrated but the continued service and support should.


“This credit facility that we’re issuing today together with follow-up plans that we’ve lined up to do in subsequent days are what we should be proud of. We will continue to provide great access to substantive operating capital to Napoleon. This, in turn, will enable the company to not only expand its manufacturing capabilities but also ensure there are efficiency and consistency in the market. That I believe is what is important to MSC,” said the CEO.


While receiving the help from Madison Street Capital, Napoleon machine President Kevin Febrey said that they are happy as a company to be associated with MSC. “Madison Street Capital is perhaps the only group that has really taken its valuable time to not only gives us a listening ear but also to try and understands our part of the story. The effect is that today, the team has shown that it can extend a hand,” said Napoleon’s President.


Excellence, integrity, service delivery, as well as quality leadership, are some of Madison Street Capital’s core values. For a detailed story on Madison Street Capital, you can visit


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