Chainsmokers Members Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart Make New Music Together

The music industry has more artists struggling to make a name for themselves than they do fans who are listening. While it is hard to break into the business, it is just as hard to stay on top of the business. For one particular group, they have had the luxury of climbing the charts and staying on top of the charts. This is not an easy task however they have been able to do it.

For artists who are just starting out, it can take years for a group to sell out a show. It can take years to produce a top selling album. For the Chainsmokers, this was done rather quickly. Maybe it was because the electronic music industry had already had a top artist in the industry in that particular field, Avicii had already broke the mold and become a top selling artist.

For most of the bands and groups that are in the electronic mix field, they remain behind the music. They usually are not up front and center. They want to remain behind the music and just let the beats or music make the headlines. For the Chainsmokers, this is not what they wanted. They wanted to be more than just a simple beat to a song. They wanted to be known for who they are and not just for the music they produce.

Alex Pall was already living the life in NYC playing club after club and spending day after day spinning tracks. It wasn’t until he was introduced to Andrew Taggart that his ultimate dream came true. The pair’s manager introduced the two and from then out, the pair were always together and making great music together.

For the Chainsmokers, they reached for the sky when started making music and no one knew they would reach it in just a short amount of time, however they did. When they set their sights on the charts, they knew that one day they would want to be on top but they never expected it to happen as quick as it did let alone to keep them there for as long as they have been.

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