Nick Vertucci – Seven Figure Decisions, Having Balls to Succeed

Nick Vertucci is one of the most successful figures in the real estate business. He has been through thick and thin before he attained success in this complex and most feared form of business. At April 2018, he gave a hint about the launch of his new book entitled, Seven Figures Decisions; Having the Balls to Succeed. He authored this book to inspire all those who have been afraid of failure. In his book, Nick Vertucci gives an exhaustive and extensive explanation of the risks and the process that he underwent to reinvest in real estate business after encountering a severe and traumatic backslide in business.

Nick Vertucci initially used to run a tech business that specialized in the sales of computer accessories. He made tremendous success ta the initial stages of this business. This business helped him to raise his first million. However, the victory was short-lived as it came to a dramatic end in the climax of the 2000 dot-com crash. This crash caused him to lose all that he had and left him in massive debts. The loss was so severe that he almost lost his house. His up and down story is a great inspiration since it gives a clear impression of one of grass to grace, grace to grass and finally back to grace again. Nick Vertucci is a good example of the ups and downs of success.

In his book, Nick offers the awareness of business practices, the building blocks of a successful business, as well as the critical mindset that he had that took c enabled to fight back his way up to a state of financial freedom. Besides this, he has also dragged himself from the vast depression that he experienced following his failure in business. His book has gained much support, and it’s tremendously acknowledged by various great icons in the business world. This book is set for Nick Vertucci’s typical audience and real estate investment students.

The book is not just limited to that, but it’s also suitable for all those who are in search of the high level of success achievements inclusive of the experienced real estate investors since they can highly benefit from the ideas covered by Nick in this book. This book is a good background to all enthusiasts of real estate business. I recommend that you get yourself one and get to learn from a credible and reliable source on how to go about real estate business.

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