Investment 1 on 1 with Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry had a vested interest when it comes to mathematics. This led him to pursue a degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics at the Heriot-Watt University in 2001.

Upon graduating, Watson Wyatt took him under his wings as an analyst for the manager research team. Later on, he moved to the Global Investment Management Services team as an analyst. Follow Gareth Henry on

In 2004, he moved to SEI investments where he acted as the investment manager. He also doubled up as the managed consultant, insurer and the pension funds. After a year of joining the firm, he was promoted to Director of Sholders.

Gareth Henry sought for greener pastures after two years of service. He landed an opportunity at the Fortress Investment Group in 2007. He shifted to the U.S. where he acted as the managing director.

While working as the Head of International Investor Relations, he managed to amass capital towards the Fortress’ hedge funds, private credit, private equity and real estate holdings. During his tenure, he was able to engage with different firms across Europe, the Middle East and United Kingdom.

Gareth Henry‘s talent was quick to be noticed by Angelo Gordon organization. The firm manages around $26 billion when it comes in terms of equity, credit investments and real estate. The firm offered full partnership as an executive where he was able to solidify the investor relations that covered across the U.S, Asia and the Middle East.

As a partner for Angelo Gordon Organization, he has managed to create $4.5 billion for the firm. In the following year, the real estate and credit products raised a total of $2.5 billion.

Simultaneously, Gareth Henry acted as the Global Head of Investor Relations. It was here that he managed to raise $4 billion as the hedge fund for the firm. He has managed to extend his network of contacts that deals in the line of pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and other capital sources. He has mastered the means by which investors relate to equity, hedge funds and bond investments.

Gareth Henry is currently residing in New York as a partner for the Global Head of Investor Relations by Angelo and Gordon.



Whistle-blowing for a Good Cause

In July 2010, the whistle-blower U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) program came into effect. It happened after the President signed law (Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act). The bill establishes a whistle-blower incentive program. The program aims to incentivize reporting of Commodity Exchange Act violations.

Christopher C. Ehrman, a former senior enforcement attorney, runs the SEC whistleblower program. The program offers the ability to report violations anonymously. It also provides a monetary award and robust employment protections to whistle-blowers. A SEC whistle-blower receives 10-30% of financial sanctions collected because of your tips. SEC makes payments via an Investor Protection Fund.

With the current program, SEC has authority to give monetary awards to voluntary whistle-blowers. The whistle-blowers need to provide original information leading to successful enforcement actions. SEC had another program known as ‘bounty,’ before the whistle-blower program. The program failed to tame rogue players. Even a report from the Office of the Inspector General (2013) termed it not well-designed. The new whistleblowers’ program is an enhancement of the bounty project.

Tips for Whistleblowers

A whistleblower can report violations of federal security laws about to occur, ongoing, or those that have happened. You can report violations happening anywhere in the world. SEC enforcement actions cover deceptive and manipulative practices about security transactions. The term ‘security’ refers to stocks, bonds, notes, investment contracts. It also covers other non-traditional investments. Consider the following SEC whistle-blowing tips:

Timing– The early bird gets the SEC worm. It is because the program’s design encourages prompt reporting. The first one to provide original information about a violation is eligible for a SEC award. Thus, a whistle-blower needs to establish a material breach promptly.

The rules– It is vital for whistle-blowers to understand SEC regulations. It helps to avoid unnecessary delays or rejection. SEC has a set of rules any serious whistle-blower ought to follow.

You can report any violation of federal security laws. SEC has wide-ranging jurisdiction covering many industries and entities (private and public. A whistle-blower needs experienced SEC whistle-blower lawyers. Such lawyers assist in file tips.

Submitting Tips to SEC

To provide original information to SEC, participants need a SEC Form TRC. Whistle-blowers (and their attorneys) use this form when submitting tips. The form contains many sections. Here are the vital ones:

  • Section B- It is where a whistleblower fills out information about his/ her attorney. If you have an attorney, you can skip section A, which requires your personal information. Having a lawyer and filling out section B keeps your tips anonymous.
  • Section D- Here, you describe your tips. Many of the questions in this section will determine whether you are eligible for awards.

To maximize your chances of receiving an award, fill out section D carefully. Start by evaluating factors SEC uses to determine awards. You should then stress this factors in your submission. SEC regulations will guide you in completing some parts of the Section D. For a fool-proof process, employ the services of a SEC whistle-blower lawyer.

Freedom Checks Questions Lead To Lucrative Investment Process

If you have questions about freedom checks you are not alone. In an investment market rife with scams overly profitable opportunities like freedom checks come around every week. Any investor worth their salt does not allocate a penny until they know the opportunity is legit. This is why the first question most ask is if a freedom check is a legit. The answer is yes. A freedom check is actually an investment in a natural resource company known as a Master Limited Partnership. MLP’s have been around since 1981. Master Limited Partnerships operate with what are called stakes. This is actually what an investor purchases when allocated money to freedom checks.

The next question is what exactly is a stake? A stake functions like a stock. It has no controlling interest but provides investors a percentage of the company selling it. Stakes provide said companies with working capital. The reason why natural resource companies operate as MLPs is because they qualify for a significant tax break. They also get all the benefits of a publicly traded entity, but remain a private institution. A freedom check in reality is a return of capital payment that investors receive on a monthly to quarterly basis. The amount received depends on how many stakes an investor purchased. Stakes can be acquired for as low as $10 dollars.

So why is this a good investment? Primarily, a natural resource investment is good because it’s a natural resource. Natural resources are always in demand and have a huge application value in the real world. In the case of MLPs the investment is made even better because they are U.S. companies. The government likes to award stateside resource companies to incentivize their expansion. This is good for the country as it makes the U.S. energy independent. This is why MLPs are granted a huge tax break. The tax break requires that they organize themselves as MLPs and sell stakes. It the requires them to allocate most of their revenue to said stakeholders. Therefore, the return from a freedom checks investment is o high. It is also why the investment not only legitimate but lucrative.

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Dr. Saad Saad Lends His Opinion to the Vaccination Argument

Tis the season for school borne illnesses, and throughout the country the vaccine debate is getting heated. Every year Anti-Vaxxers gather to protest the administration of vaccines they claim are harmful, and every year numerous physicians avouch their importance. This year one of these celebrated physicians, Dr. Saad Saad, has decided to lend his voice to the issue. According to Dr. Saad vaccines are life-savers, and they rank on the same safety level as car seats and baby gates. Avoiding vaccinations for your child is akin to leaving the cover off an outlet. Sure, the child may never stick their finger in there, but in only takes one time to cause irreparable damage. Here are the four main reasons Dr. Saad recommends vaccinating your child.


They Exterminate Serious Diseases

Back in the sixties a Polio epidemic swept across the nation, leaving thousands of children entombed in iron lungs. Luckily, Polio is one of many serious illnesses that medicine weeded out. Vaccinations give children immunity to such illnesses, but also ensure that these illnesses do not make a comeback.


Vaccines Are Safe

According to Dr. Saad side effects from any vaccination are a rare occurrence. Most vaccines are vetted by a series of doctors, healthcare professionals, and scientists before being given to people. When there is a side effect it usually only because of allergic reactions. Despite this, the lack of disease-prevention without vaccines is far more dangerous than any side effect that can occur.


It Prevents the Spread of Disease

Cases in the U.S. where vaccine-preventable disease affect children still occur. Most of the time they involve babies who are too young to vaccinate, and others are due to allergies and immune-weakening medical problems. What stops theses cases from becoming epidemics is that most of the other children are vaccinated. Vaccinations prevent the spread of disease as much as they grant immunity from it.


Vaccines Pave the Way for the Future

So many diseases that claimed the lives of the young in years past have been completely weeded out by vaccines. According to Dr. Saad vaccines reduce and eliminate serious illnesses, allowing future generations to be free of the threat. Receiving vaccinations not only protects you precious loved one, but also ensures your grandchildren will be safe as well. An interesting case Dr. Saad likes to use is rubella. The vaccination of children from rubella also ended up reducing the risk of birth defects. Pregnant women could contract the disease in the womb from infected children. The lack of rubella took this threat away allowing for safer pregnancies and healthier babies born


About Dr. Saad

Dr. Saad Saad has led a storied career as a pediatric surgeon for over forty-years. He served as the Surgeon-in-Chief and Co-Medical Director for K. Hovnanian Children Hospital. He is an accomplished surgeon, respected professional, and inventor.


David McDonald And The Success And Growth Of OSI

The David McDonald OSI Group owes its success to the thirty-year career of McDonald, a man whose name appears intrinsically attached to OSI. The vision of the David McDonald OSI Group, which is a global food provider partnering with international brands, is to deliver the absolute most to customers in its respective market. After three decades of working in the David McDonald OSI Group, McDonald has transitioned to the role of President for a company that continues to grow after so long.

Before David McDonald was president, he was Chairman of the North American Meat Institute until 2015. To this day, he remains a member of that very same institute despite no longer being chairman. As president and COO, he has answered some questions for on behalf of the David McDonald OSI Group.

As a private company, McDonald declares that patience enables entrepreneurial passion and a can-do ethic. To him, this means sticking to the big picture and coming up with flexible solutions is the very soul of OSI. Meaningful partnerships and shared knowledge of the practice allows the vast number of employees of OSI to build incredible bonds with customers all across the globe. By focusing on the improvement of all areas through consistent values, OSI can maintain an international growth rate.

The OSI Group owes their success in countries like China to the ability to get to know and become one of the locals. This also allows them the connections required to overcome challenges in infrastructure and technical issues. All the effort put into assimilating into the community OSI wishes to serve and China has helped create a successfully established facility for the company.

McDonald finds that it is not the company which inspires innovation, but the customers. He believes this is something entrepreneurs could employ in other ventures. OSI values consumers, who they treat as family. Valuing family over all else allows OSI to succeed.

Keeping an eye on the future, McDonald determines that following their path of becoming local names in future endeavors will allow them to continue to succeed. Adaptability for OSI is what will keep them moving forward.

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Dr. Walden Shows Off Her Med Spa

Part of feeling good at a doctor’s office is feeling welcomed the second the patient steps inside. Patients who feel the doctor understand their concerns from the very first are patients who can relax and let go of their worries. This is a process that Dr. Jennifer Walden cares about deeply. As one of the most renowned plastic surgeons in Texas, she knows that patients rely on her for many services. She wants all of her patients to feel a sense of serenity as they meet with her and her staffers. She wants them to realize that she can make a real difference in their lives and help them achieve their very best selves. This is why she pays close attention to all of the details in her office. Setting the tone is hugely important. It lets patients know they are good hands with caring and highly trained professionals. An office that exudes a feeling of relaxation is good for the lives and health of all those who come to work with Dr. Walden.

Making it Comfortable

In a recent photo on Instagram, Dr. Walden demonstrates how all comes together for her patients in her office from the very first. Visitors are greeted with lovely pictures of butterflies in various colors. Comfortable seating and lighting are also provided in soothing tones designed to flatter the skin. Dr. Walden knows that people pay attention with all of their senses. She wants them to see beautiful things that remind her clients of the beauty they hope to get when working with her. People who come to her med spa are given the sense that they can establish a close connection with her staff and their comforts take priority. Dr. Walden loves what she does and wants to give back to the community that has helped nurture and raise her. She aims to reach out to clients who look to her to expert plastic surgery that can help them feel better about their lives. With her assistance, it’s possible for all those who come to her office to get the body they really want.

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Constitutional Scholar Sujit Choudhry Writes To The Political Leaders Of Spain And Catalan

During the Spain and Catalonia crisis, a number of legal scholars spoke out about it. One of these was comparative constitutional law scholar Sujit Choudhry. He called on both sides to stand down and engage in a mutually respectful dialog. He was hoping that both sides would act in good faith and peacefully resolve their constitutional disagreement.

Along with other legal scholars, Sujit Choudhry penned a letter addressed to both sides of the conflict. They wanted President Puigdemont of Catalonia to show that his commitment to succeeding from Spain was genuine. They stated the best way to do so was to hold a national referendum so that the people of Catalan could express their desires.

On Spain’s side, the letter asked Prime Minister Rajoy to respect the fact that many people in Catalan want to secede and not to do engage in any more violent repression.

The constitutional scholars ended the letter by noting that both sides would need to agree on a constitutional settlement through which both sides rights and responsibilities would be respected. Sujit Choudhry wrote that open dialog was the route to resolve this issue. The majority of people in Catalan want to be independent from Spanish rule it is believed. The issue needs to be dealt with in a peaceful manner as otherwise the ideals that the European Union were established upon would be eroded.

Sujit Choudhry is originally from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He now resides in Berlin, Germany, where he is a guest researcher at WZB Berlin Social Science Center. He is also the director of an organization he established, the Center for Constitutional Transitions, which works to flesh out constitutional issues with accurate and timely information.

When he was a college student, Sujit Choudhry attended schools in three countries. These were Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Since that time he has advised policymakers around the world and advised them on what they should include in their constitutions. He has also worked as a college professor including at the New York University School of Law where he was the Cecelia Goetz Professor of Law. Learn more details here on

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Let’s not beat around the bush here. Everyone wants to have a great credit score but not everyone is disciplined financially. Many people abuse credit cards, racking up consumer debt on clothes, fast food, luxury items, and really just things that they don’t need. What happens is that these same people can’t pay off the debt when the payment is due. So, they make the minimum payment month after month. Credit card companies take notice of these transactions and give them a horrible credit score. Because they got themselves into a hole, banks and credit unions won’t give them loans for things more important like auto loans or even mortgages. The good news is this doesn’t have to be you. If you use a credit card the right way, it can actually be very beneficial. In this article, I am going to be breaking down the top way on how you can improve your credit score using a very simple method.

  1. Pay off all debt

In order for your credit score to get better, you must show credit card companies that you can pay off the debt. When you finally get above water and make regular payments like you are supposed to, you will most likely notice that your credit score has improved. If you are dealing with larger debts, I would highly recommend using the debt avalanche method. This is where you pay off the debt with the highest interest rate first. This saves you money over the long run.

  1. No cash, no credit.

If you can’t afford to buy something with cash, don’t buy it. For beginners, I would recommend using credit cards for minor expenses like gas and groceries, things you know for sure you will be able to pay off when the payment is due.

Out of all the credit companies out there, I would recommend going with GreenSky. At GreenSky, they are very credible. GreenSky has a staff that is committed to giving you the best loans possible. GreenSky also has funded over one billions dollars worth of loans over the years. In the end, choosing to do business with GreenSky is a wise choice.

Gareth Henry Talks Of The Importance Of Education In One’s Career

For a couple of years, Gareth Henry has worked in the financial industry and held various senior investment positions both in New York and the UK. From 2005-2007, he worked at Schroders as a director and then quit to work for Fortress London as an International Investor Relations Director till 2013. Gareth then got a promotion to work at Fortress Liquid market as a Global leader of Investor relations until 2015. Currently, he is working at Angelo, Gordon & Co as the Global leader of Investor relations.

In a statement by Gareth, he said that attaining a top degree from a good university is crucial if one wants to succeed in his/her career. He took a brave step when he decided to go back to university in 2001 at the age of 32. Studying degree in actuarial maths from Heriot-Watt, Gareth attained a first-class degree which he believes helped propel his career in finance by helping him understand the maths behind the investments.

He says that choosing to do actuarial maths gave him a better understanding of the investment industry. Moreover, the advice given together with excellent teaching standards in the university molded him for success. Gareth Henry has decided to help others experience what he got. He offers financial support through the Gareth Henry bursary and at the same time mentors and coaches students. Gareth believes that by doing this, the selected students can add value from the career guidance given. He adds that courses taught in school are not in vain and one needs them in the future.

Looking at the great success that he has made in his career, it goes without saying that education is crucial for career success. He, however, argues that one needs to balance school with other fun activities as well. Gareth Henry says that the $100 he doesn’t regret spending is the one he used to buy books to boost his learning. Money spent on education doesn’t go to waste; instead, it lays a firm foundation for career success.

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Career life of Ryan Seacrest

A famous media personality, Ryan Seacrest still builds his career due to the passion he has for the latter. He has been serving in the industry for many years, and he has continued to work together with other gurus in the sector to improve his knowledge. Besides focusing on his career, he is also passionate about entrepreneurship. He has mentored many people through his diversity and ability to play roles that he has not partaken before. Ryan (@ryanseacrest) is always ready to try out new things, and as a result, he has carried out many roles in his career ranging from working in local radio stations, hosting many shows in TV Channels among many more. He is also famous for hosting the famous Live with Kelly and Ryan show.

As an entrepreneur, radio show host Ryan Seacrest has ventured into a vast number of fields like fashion and design. Before establishing his firm that is based on offering men with the best men wear and skin care products, he sought the counsel of a vast number of experts in the respective fields through which he learned the basics to operate it and lead it to its successes. As a successful entrepreneur, he strives to observe the right modes of operation, and he aims to respect the various set government rules and regulations. The ability of his firms to comply with the government rules has highly boosted production in the latter, and thus it has catered for the diverse need of its clients without having to face follow-ups and disturbances from law enforcers.

Besides, Ryan, a clothing line creator,  considers his clients to be the reason behind the success of his business. Due to this, he has always tried his best to offer them with products of the highest quality at fair prices. The unique design of his products has also attracted many people to his websites as well as the entire firm. He fully understands the needs of his customers and his vast knowledge on fashion has boosted his career in business as he designs admirable outfits to give men an elegant and classy look. He has also inspired many individuals through his handwork and life experiences.

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