Winning Advice From Todd Levine

Todd Levine says that his talent for explaining complex concepts in terms easily understood by others gave him a natural ability to litigate. Reframing arguments and issues to help a jury better understood them, he became a successful complex commercial litigation attorney. In describing his career, he said that his job involved a great deal of travel performing various tasks such as handling trials in court, taking depositions, and meeting with clients.


He stated that prioritizing the workload well in advance was critical to being successful as an attorney. Todd Levine’s advice for being creative and successful was to be deeply knowledgeable about one’s case as well as the law and to summarize the primary issues as simply as possible.


He stressed the importance of being well prepared to become both effective and efficient. His advice to young people was to excel in an area they love. He says that becoming the go-to specialist will ensure you have repetitive, ongoing business.


He recommends to every future litigator the preparation of written outlines in advance of arguments. Todd Levin said doing that helped him to get organized, present his arguments simply and logically, and to discover any loopholes in the arguments that needed to be addressed. The secret of his success, he said, was doing a good job for his clients and making them a priority.


Todd Levine added that, in retrospect, he should have considered in advance the different directions an argument could take, in order to better and faster react to them. Todd Levine mentioned the satisfaction and enjoyment of buying musical equipment for his sons to help them express themselves artistically and creatively.


Todd Levine mentioned several kinds of software and internet services used by commercial litigators such as Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine, which helped to improve lawyers’ efficiency and productivity. He concluded that this software enabled them to effectively find relevant case law in state, federal, and international courts. Consequently, this aided lawyers in performing more effective analysis of issues and better management of a large amount of document-based evidence, which made searching for documents more efficient. One book he recommends is The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, which he believes has influenced legal practice.

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