Serge Belamant And Blockchain Technology

Serge Belamant is working to found a patent holder of blockchain technologies. This was once patented by Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Serge Belamant’s inventions have been at the top during the process of trying to get this patent. These technologies offered support in creating cryptocurrencies. The technology he developed helps banks, people, and the government with their investments. Blockchain is basically list of records that show cryptography over time.

Born in France in 1953, Serge Belamant worked with his father as a tiler since the age of 14. He moved from France to Africa at an early age. He had to learn how to read and write in English during the move. He attended an all boys school where he participated in many different athletic games. He did really well with his class work. He later went on to study engineering at college, he ended up changing his major and studying computer science. He did not ever finish his degree.

He became employed around the age of 22. He worked in analysis software on computers. He used statistical methods, digital mapping, and other things to create enhanced road networks. He has been working with risk management with banks for quite a while. Belamant wanted to find a way for transactions to run smoother and quicker. Vendors in Europe began to supply him with the equipment he needed. He developed switch to make these things easier.

Serge Belamant had a dream to make transactions and work easier within the bank setting. He worked hard and put a lot of time into his research, and eventually he made his dream a reality. Serge Belamant has developed ground breaking technologies that are going to help banks get up and running efficiently. He is a very successful individual and can only go up from here.

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