CEO Steve Richie Takes Papa John’s In New Direction

In a recent public email that was sent to customers, the new CEO of Papa John’s pizza empire, Steve Richie, openly apologises for actions that were not his nor, Steve states, the company’s as a whole. Mr. Richie does not take responsibility for the actions taken by another person, but promises to build a stronger sense of community within the Papa John’s family.

One of the ways that Papa John’s will be doing business differently is by reaching out and visiting franchises and storefront across the nation and listening to owners and customers share their likes and dislikes for the brand. Mr. Richie and his staff will personally be trekking across the United States to talk face to face with people. Mr. Richie is also having an audit conducted by an outside company that will be evaluating the diversity and cultural practices of Papa John’s staff. Changes will be implemented where neccessary to ensure a more harmonious work environment.

Another thing that Steve Richie pointed out in his letter was that his wish for future practices within Papa John’s be transparent to other staff and customers. The company as a whole is choosing that all business dealings be above board and that the company be held responsible for actions that are deemed questionable. Mr. Richie is toeing a hard line when it comes to and staff who cross an ethical or cultural taboo. Steve has firmly stated that it won’t be tolerated.

And lastly, Mr. Richie acknowledged that communities play a strong role in most Papa John’s franchises. Steve stated that not only did Papa John’s as a whole have slumping sales, but that communities needed to be able to trust the pizza brand again. Steve realizes that Papa John’s jobs are important to the people who have them and wants to revitalize the excitement communities could have for Papa John’s. Mr. Richie has worked for Papa John’s for over 20 years, starting as a order taker and working his way up through the company, so Steve understands the commitment to the Papa John’s brand. To read more about Mr. Richie and Papa John’s, please click here.

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