Sussex Healthcare Celebrates Two Decades Of Service Delivery

Many people in society tend to find it stressful taking care of the older people in the house or any person suffering from neurological disorders. These mentioned people require special attention because if they are left alone without proper care things will turn to be worse. There are a number of facilities which provide care to these individuals in the world. In the United Kingdom, a renowned practice known as Sussex Healthcare provides home care and services to the elderly and those suffering from neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s syndrome and dementia.

Sussex Healthcare was founded in 1998 by two people Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani who are currently the company’s chairpersons. The organization has its headquarters in Horsham, West Sussex. It runs over 20 homes which are distributed mainly in Sussex area and other parts of the country. It mainly focuses on providing care for the elderly, people with neurological defects and the elderly who have learning and physical disabilities. The practice was accredited in 2002 by Health Quality Service (HQS) and it has investors from In People Standard. In 2005 it achieved the ISO Standard 9000:2000 and up-to-date it is the only independent home care provider in the UK which is accredited by both HQS an ISO.

Sussex Healthcare is made up of qualified working staff and a highly professional team of management who ensure smooth running of the foundation making it to be a highly reputable practice in the country. It aims at providing care to Sussex residents mainly and helps maintain their health status especially the elderly. There are different activities which are undertaken in the homes to improve the health of the individuals there, they include recreational, social and leisure activities. These activities help motivate and excite the individual thus improving their mental and physical wellbeing.

Last year on April 8th, Sussex Healthcare was celebrating 25 years of excellent care they have been providing in the United Kingdom. Their practice has helped the life of the many and restored happiness in families as well as improving the health of individuals.

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