Market America’s “The More The Merrier Strategy”

Hey, Market America, isn’t it getting crowded around here? The answer is yes and no. And don’t you love the support, anyway?

Let’s start with the Market America World Conference that sold out the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida, in early February. Loud, boisterous, and encouraging to the many attendees in the audience you might believe it was the bulk of the Market American conference calendar for 2018. In truth, this isn’t close to true, as the company has scheduled a long list of domestic and international conferences and seminars that represent huge learning opportunities for the unfranchise business entrepreneurs around the world. The conferences are not just exercised in lung power and self-congratulations, although that comes with the Market America territory and is a major part of the company’s very supportive agenda.

Whether you sell cars, planes, clothes, shoes, handbags or sporting gear, most people are fully aware that selling takes dedication, commitment, persistence and loyalty to and faith in the products you sell. With that in mind, you could also say selling involves unbridled enthusiasm for your company, your team and your products. With Market America, it turns out, this leaves you a lot to cheer about. But this is also why the company’s administration dedicates so many hours and so much effort in supporting its dedicated unfranchise entrepreneurs. Monetary rewards aside, reaching your potential is the No. 1 goal that the top ranking officers and the Ridinger family have for its growing team.

There are so many training events scheduled it would be difficult to list them here, but suffice it to say there are numerous product symposiums, moving up seminars and training opportunities for health professionals and entrepreneurs alike. There several NutraMetrix training scheduled, certified WebCenter training and motives certification training coming around, as well. Check the company’s event-oriented web pages at or call 800-232-8590 to reserve a spot at the training of your choice. Remember, some of these events sell out, so it pays to jump on board as early as you can do so.

In truth, the company’s business model is systematic and standardized, offering a chance for tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to reach their potential. Unlike other franchise systems, however, you need never feel you are on your own at Market America. Whether you are establishing your UnFranchise business as a part-time venture or jumping in with both feet in a full-time option, the support is there.

What’s to learn? For one, the system itself is unique. You can’t learn about Market America strategies at your local business school or your nearby community college. Market America is a fully independent, self-sustaining enterprise begun in 1992 that has blossomed into an enormous international business with over $7.3 billion in accumulated retail sales and that isn’t a typo.

With those kinds of sales numbers, the commission on sales is equally stunning: $3.8 billion in combined commissions and retail profits, which, easy math demonstrates, means more than half of all sales goes into the pockets of UnFranchise distributors – and, best of all, this is all done without so much as a dime in monthly fees.

The core product line for the company, which is expanding all the time, now involves hundreds of products that you cannot buy anywhere else. This exclusive product line is backed by extensive company research from trained scientists who conform to rigorous scientific principles before endorsing the health, beauty or nutrition products in the company line.

None of this restricts the UnFranchise developers in the slightest, because Market America has always been a company “without fences,” to put it one way. In the age of the Internet, there are no territorial fences that define where any UnFranchise can operate. If you live in New Jersey and find a customer in California, Hawaii, Vietnam or Brazil, then you are free to do business there if you so desire and can get them the product.

Finding overseas customers may not be so easy to do, but the company’s international footprint is paving the way to offshore markets from Asia to Europe. This type of expansion will only increase Market America’s profile, which benefits UnFranchise owners back in the United States as well.

It is one of the fallacies of business that competition hurts your profits. This simply is not true. Here’s the standard example and see if you can follow the logic.

Let’s start with a pizza parlor on Main Street in a moderately-sized village. When it opens, it has all the pizza business within a five to the eight-mile radius, assuming people eight miles away probably have other options for meals or for pizza.

Then, suddenly, the pizza shop’s owner hears what he thinks is terrible news. Another pizza shop is coming to the village and it’s opening right down the street!

Oh, calamities! Oh, horrors! The owner thinks. There goes half of his business or even more if the other shop makes better pizza or has better prices! And speaking of prices – even worse yet, the original pizza shop owner now thinks he’ll have to slash his prices and his profits to compete with this new upstart.

You will be surprised to find that the pizza shop owner’s fears are unrealistic. A year later, business is booming and profits are up! Why is this?

Well, remember those customers who were five to eight miles away and probably had other options for meals and for pizza? It turns out that with two pizza shops on Main Street in the village, that village has become the place to go for pizza in that area. All the in between customers who didn’t really love the first pizza shop are now driving to the village to try out the new place and finding, along the way, that the old shop really wasn’t as bad as they thought. So some of the sitting on the fence and half of the marginal customers from far away are not flocking to the original store. It turns out, there are plenty enough customers for both stores. The first shop owner just hadn’t realized that while he was all alone as the only store.

That’s right UnFranchise entrepreneurs; it turns out that in some businesses, the more the merrier. The more UnFranchise developers there are, the more customers from all walks of life will hear about Market America products. The increase in demand will help, not hurt, your business. It turns out, the for businesses, to a certain point the old expression is true: The More The Merrier.


Ideamensch Interview with Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is a New York-based Orthopedic that has specialised over the years in areas to do with bone and joint correction, as well as replacement of the same. Currently, Dr. Ira is the chairman of a board known as the Bronxcare Health System.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is reputable for using technology to help him in his efforts towards making treatment of his clients as modern as possible. He has also served on some medical boards all over New York.

Moreover, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum had in the past served as a Community Health editor for the medical issue known as WebMD. Dr. Ira studied medicine as his undergraduate course from Brown University, and then he studied at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine where he completed his residency. See Dr Ira’s career and hospital affiliations  here

To specialise in knee, shoulders and hips replacement, he furthered his studies at the Thomas Jefferson University. Ideamensch recently interviewed him regarding his company, BoneHone, as well as other medical and entrepreneurial insights.

During the interview, he pointed out that the idea for his company was sparked by Medscape Orthopedics where he saw the potential of his company thriving among the best. He also described how a typical day in his life looks like, where he pointed out that he begins his day by checking on emails and other social media notifications especially from Linked In which gives him a chance to interact with as many medical practitioners as possible.

This is then followed by him getting to work and having a meeting with doctors from his department where they discuss the activities of the day. Dr. Ira also mentioned that Value-based Healthcare is one of the current trends that excite him the most. Book an appointment with Dr Kirschenbaum through this link.

When he was asked about he makes sure to maintain consistency in his productivity as an entrepreneur, he mentions that he tries as much as possible to interact with other surgeons so that he can seek their different opinions regarding different subjects.

Elena Ford: An International Automotive Leader

Many people are not aware that Elena Ford has had a long career with the Ford Motor Company. She currently works as the chief customer service officer, but that is not where her path started. She has evolved through the ranks and brings to the table technology, customer service skills, and forward-thinking processes. How Elena Ford is continuing to change and improve the face of the Ford Motor Company is impressive. Many milestones are being achieved, including leadership positions and keeping up with different technology platforms.

Her career in the company began many years ago. Before her work as the chief customer service officer at Ford, she was the Vice President. In fact, she was the first female vice president carrying the Ford name. On November 1st, 2018, Henry Ford’s great-great-granddaughter began her new position in the customer service arena for the automotive manufacturer, but it is not the first time she has contributed to large corporations dealing with customer service issues. Previously, she worked for several international companies. Her current position and vice presidency experience at the company leads her to keep a watchful eye out on dealership operations, education, and customer satisfaction.

Her career has not had a slow moment, but now she is highlighting her skills in customer care. Some of her focus has been on promoting Ford technology and customer engagement. Most notably is her work on FordPass and the evolution of showrooms. FordPass has made Ford drivers lives much more straightforward by tracking and flagging maintenance schedules. The app also starts the vehicle remotely, maps gas stations, and has parking reminders. The showrooms that Elena Ford has been creating offer a low-stress experience to shoppers. They are clean, bright, and indoors. They resemble a high-end shopping experience versus going to a traditional car lot.

As we are witnessing Elena Ford’s hand in the shaping of the automakers future, it appears to be bright, driven, and more technology-based. With her extensive experience and background in handling all levels of customer satisfaction, she has the training, knowledge, and tactics to catapult Ford into the future.

The founder of the Ford Motor company was Henry Ford. He is credited for bringing transportation to the masses with his Model T and for his creation of assembly line factories. The workflow from the factories rapidly increased the speed at which the cars were being made in the industrial era. It is easy to see the work ethic patterns between the two Fords.


Agera Energy To Power

Agera energy wants to create optimization for your energy worldview, one home at a time, one customer at a time, and one business at a time. We know that you hunger for something, you don’t know what it is, but you want guidance, Agera strives to give you that guidance to make great energy decisions. Agera is a company that serves to be different from the customer service we provide. Competition demands you be a ratepayer but as a company, you are treated as a customer because we take our duty to customers seriously. Agera was formed in early 2014.

Customers and energy retailers struggled with their budget. Customers needed to feel they needed changes implemented, guides that cared about them and to be protected from companies that do not care. The famous energy industry was changing and we were leaders during this time of change. These days, our customer base is growing faster than any other private retailer supplier since we put our customers first while we stand by our products. We try to begin every customer interaction with added value because we turn complex energy decisions into easy financial decisions. We supply homes and businesses with electricity and natural gas.

Everybody is different when it comes to their costing needs. Agora offers a one-stop-shop for energy supply, energy efficiency, and energy auditing services. Competitors focus on residential customers whereas they change product names to suit their commercially oriented customers. Energy can be a very high expense for some people whether energy is spent in commercial or home applications. Agera makes it easier for customers to choose, since to us, the power belongs to consumer, not the government agency. We have designed our energy solutions to the utmost of efficiency that we strive to implement for our customers whom we put first.

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Taking a Look at Igor Cornelsen’s Life

Igor Cornelsen works as an investment banker at his company, Bainbringe Group Inc. He has been involved with the stock market since 1971 earning years of experience in the sector. He is innovative coming up with fresh business ideas from time to time. He attributes his success to his love for researching on his own rather than listening to other peoples biased opinions on issues that he is tackling. He prefers to source his information from books instead of other people. Igor also evaluates the effects that financial details have on the economy before making any significant decisions. Igor’s ability to detect emerging market trends and advocate for them before anyone else is another plus for him.

Igor Cornelsen success stems from his passion for the stock market. He was an engineering student at the Federal University of Parana for two years before deciding to switch his major to economics. This was to satisfy his interest with numbers. It is this interest that earned him his first job at Multibanco, an investment bank. Investments are passive sources of income for most people. They require less effort but yield a lot of fruits. For this to happen, one has to be a smart businessman. Firstly they have to adhere to the laws of the country that they are investing in to avoid being penalised. It even saves them time that they would use on paperwork.

Understanding the current exchange rates of different countries is another key issue. Most investors fail to do this and end up incurring losses instead of profits. The international currency will always experience uncertainties which materialize to some currencies losing value. Investors should, therefore, avoid loses by identifying countries with favourable exchange rates. Investors should also learn to share their ideas with others to gain helpful feedback from them.

Nitin Khanna Insights On Value Creation As An Entrepreneur

Through his prowess in business, Nitin Khanna has helped companies to capitalise on financial gains through strategic management. Nitin started his career soon after completing his studies at Saber Corp, a company which deals with M&A transactions. It was while working here that he witnessed the company being sold at a higher value than what the actual yearly income it generates. This observation pushed him to start his company MergerTech, which deals which a boutique technology bank is providing M&A advice. Nitin Has led the company by strategising and negotiation that has resulted in more significant gains. Other companies Nitin is involved with includes Freewire Broadband, Classic Wines Auction, TiE Oregon and Vendscreen. He specialises in advising different tones of cloud companies mobile and social spaces. Lately, he has been involved in the legalisation of recreational and medical marijuana See more here

Nitin’s insights on attaining success as an entrepreneur

He says that he is committed to making choices that help people grow socially and financially to make the world a better place. Nitin’s day typically involves meeting with his team and getting crucial information about his organisation. He is committed to networking and building meaningful connections for his company. By doing so, he can nurture relationships and business ideas for sustainable growth for his company. He can attain his goals by mentoring others as he sees them as a part of the big picture. As an investigator, Nitin says that he learns more daily and this helps him grow as a businessman. He enjoys the flexibility that comes with social media, and he is excited that the world is more connected now socially than it was some few years ago.

Advice to other entrepreneurs

As a young man Nitin was anxious, but now he understands that being focused on the significant life goals can help one to grow as an individual. He says that business people should realize that there is nothing like creating a balance between work and life since success can be achieved at any time not working hours only. Moreover, planning helps with attaining one’s goals. Furthermore, you should create something that people will talk about for a long time.

See Nitin’s success story on this link.

Gareth Henry Funds An Actuarial Program Scholarship

Gareth Henry is known to have studied and majored in Actuarial Science and has had quite a legacy in this field since he graduated with a first class honors in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics. He has also served various managerial posts in big companies such as Global Head-Investor Relations and Partner at Angelo as the Managing Director, Gordon Co., and many others. His career has seen him for being an Investment Manager to an analyst at Watson Wyatt. Besides managing firms and investments, Gareth Henry has also been in charge of sales and marketing roles and responsibilities.

Many May know him as a manager, but he is way more than that. His career in the investment and statistical world is very impressive, and indeed he has made progress and handled issues that have helped him to be ranked among the best managers in business. What may not be known to the general public is that he is a philanthropist at heart.

Gareth Henry has made headlines in collaboration with his former University; Heriot-Watt University where he contributed towards an on an ongoing scholarship for students in the university who might be need of financial aid for their studies. Heriot-Watt University is known for providing the best Actuarial Science degree. The fund has provided a bursary option as well as a program that helps in mentoring and coaching that will facilitate career growth for students in the leading research university. In his speech made a hopeful promise and his vision is that the bursary program can help make students’ dreams come true, especially in Actuarial Science. The offer also extends to having being enrolled in Actuarial Science courses and Statistic courses.

Gareth Henry has left marks in the investment world and has managed to serve in many roles as a senior investor. With a background in Actuarial Science for his degree, he would like to see the facilitation and growth of this career. Heriot-Watt Actuarial Science program is a great program for modeling an all-around student in the sphere of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning as well as technology.

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Softbank Acquires Fortress Investment Group

Softbank recently acquired Fortress Investment Group at $3.3 billion. Fortress Investment Group is a leading alternative assets manager in the world. Softbank will not assume an active role in the management of the company. Fortress discovered that it performs well when its operations are not interfered with by stakeholders. The Japanese company asked Softbank to allow it to remain the way it is. Both companies stand to benefit by letting Fortress Investment Group handle their operations. They expect big returns from investments around the world. Softbank bought the company when it realized its potential and performance.

Fortress Investment is worth more than $42 billion of assets. The company was founded in 1998 and worked hard to get a sit in the top. It manages assets for about 1700 clients and investors. It values investment performance and helping clients get value for their money. It has a team of professionals who work hard for strong returns for customers. It has over 900 employees working around the clock meet customers’ expectations. The headquarters of Fortress Investment Group is in New York.

Core competencies of the company include capital markets, asset-based, operations management, and acquisitions. Fortress Investment specializes in asset-based investment and diversification. Its expertise includes pricing financing and managing assets. Employees attend workshop training to equip them with the necessary skills. Furthermore, Fortress Investment knows the industry well. It does not second-guess itself when deciding where to invest. It has experts who understand the market and give advice on investment decisions.

Fortress Investment has operation and assessment tools to help it navigate the market. They enable the company to get value from investments. Employees have first market knowledge that they use to analyze the market. Its knowledge in corporate mergers and acquisitions helps it work with different people in the industry. It consults stakeholders when making and executing investment decisions.

In 2017, the company launched an Intellectual Property Fund and Asset-Based fund. The management of the company cites market research and skilled employees as the reasons behind its success. Understanding market shifts and trends help Fortress Investment Group overcome every huddle.

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Todd Levine Has Been Able To Become A Better Litigator Thanks To His Love Of The Guitar

Todd Levine was born in North Miami in 1966, and he serves as a litigator who is a member of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine, P.L. Levine focuses most of his efforts on cases involving complex business disputes and also works on commercial real estate litigation cases. He is married to his wife, Karen, and has two children. Levine studied at the University of Florida, where he earned his B.S.B.A. in finance, and he finished his education at the University of Florida Levin College of Law, where he received his J.D.

While Todd Levine has plenty of experience as a litigator, he feels like it is some of his outside hobbies that have made him so good at his job. He has been interested in the fields of math and science for many years and is also a musician who loves to play the guitar. It is his belief that being involved in the arts has given him the ability to come up with creative solutions that others may miss. During one case, he was able to spot something hidden within the details that helped him win it. Before realizing this, the evidence appeared to be stacked against him.

When Todd Levine started out with his current law firm, there were just 17 attorneys working there. Today, there are over 30 litigators working in the firm, and he feels that it is a pretty tight group. The firm has worked on many different high-profile cases and done very well over the years. The culture at the firm is a strong one according to Levine, and it is even stronger because of the fact that many of the senior lawyers mentor the younger ones. Levine has given a lot of credit to his mentors in the firm because he feels they were the ones that helped him to discover his many hidden talents.

See more about Levine here and connect with him on Facebook.

Edwin Miranda’s Take On The Growth Of KOI IXS

Edwin Miranda is the founder and CEO of KOI IXS, a Miami-based marketing agency. KOI IXS is a marketing agency that believes in performance and driven strategies. Unlike many others that will only talk big with no positive results to show, KOI IXS is an marketing agency that delivers to its clients. In fact, many companies that claim to help companies connect well with their customer base only act as technological middlemen. It can be tricky to find a marketing agency that will walk the talk as far as the development of marketing strategies with tangible results is concerned.

KOI IXS is a marketing agency that has set its goal on accomplishing the needs of the future marketing industry. The company comprises of a dedicated team of thinkers, strategies, designers, and creators who passionately study the market to create superior products. Passion is a key ingredient of the work done by KOI IXS. The success of the agency today has been made possible by the passion of its founder Edwin Miranda who came up with its idea at the age of 21 years. He was passionate and wanted to bring ideas into reality, a factor that contributed significantly to the early success of company. As a business leader today, Miranda plays the role of bringing together the talent in the organization with the goal of creating worthy solutions.

Edwin Miranda says his joy comes from helping other business persons to create an edge of success in today’s cluttered market. Miranda acknowledges the role of teamwork in the growth of the company. He believes that it is hard for one person to effectively studying the market and come up with effective marketing strategies. His advice to other business persons is that they should surround themselves with people who share in their ideas. As a top business leader, you cannot do everything, and therefore you need team members who can take up some responsibilities of running your business.

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