Taking a Look at Igor Cornelsen’s Life

Igor Cornelsen works as an investment banker at his company, Bainbringe Group Inc. He has been involved with the stock market since 1971 earning years of experience in the sector. He is innovative coming up with fresh business ideas from time to time. He attributes his success to his love for researching on his own rather than listening to other peoples biased opinions on issues that he is tackling. He prefers to source his information from books instead of other people. Igor also evaluates the effects that financial details have on the economy before making any significant decisions. Igor’s ability to detect emerging market trends and advocate for them before anyone else is another plus for him.

Igor Cornelsen success stems from his passion for the stock market. He was an engineering student at the Federal University of Parana for two years before deciding to switch his major to economics. This was to satisfy his interest with numbers. It is this interest that earned him his first job at Multibanco, an investment bank. Investments are passive sources of income for most people. They require less effort but yield a lot of fruits. For this to happen, one has to be a smart businessman. Firstly they have to adhere to the laws of the country that they are investing in to avoid being penalised. It even saves them time that they would use on paperwork.

Understanding the current exchange rates of different countries is another key issue. Most investors fail to do this and end up incurring losses instead of profits. The international currency will always experience uncertainties which materialize to some currencies losing value. Investors should, therefore, avoid loses by identifying countries with favourable exchange rates. Investors should also learn to share their ideas with others to gain helpful feedback from them.

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