Lessons Investors Can Learn From Richard Liu Qiangdong Life in Business

In two decades, the world of business has undergone different changes. According to Richard Liu Qiangdong, the changes have enabled the world of business to be more efficient and more importantly, to reach new markets. Liu is one of the investors that have facilitated these changes. In less than two decades, for example, he has transformed the Chinese mode of doing business to accommodate the need to trade virtually. Through JD.com, he hopes that he will continue to contribute to this market, both as an investor and as an expert with enough experience. Richard Liu Qiangdong journey has the following lessons to emerging traders and investors.

First, Liu has always dreamt big, both as a trader and as an expert in e-commerce. He believes that there are endless possibilities in the world of trading. Due to this belief, Richard Liu Qiangdong has made connections with industry players and all professionals that understand the e-commerce market. In an interview with an American news outlet, Liu pointed out that when he was starting in business, there was less information about e-commerce. However, he points out that he understands the value of creating bonds with other businesses and other industry players. In less than two decades, he is a well-connected investor in the world of business.

Second, he understands the value of structures and systems in the business world. Richard Liu Qiangdong points out that one of the reasons that his company is strong and profitable is because of functional structures. These structures according to him help the company to capitalize on the market dynamics and more importantly, maintain a good image. To make his company one of the best companies in terms of structures, Richard Liu Qiangdong was keen on hiring business executives. Currently, JD.com has some of the best professionals in the e-commerce business. Finally, Liu understands that although the company is an e-commerce company, there are characteristics of offline businesses that are important. Quality of goods, for example, is one of the areas that Richard Liu Qiangdong believes can help e-commerce companies fail. in less than two decades, he has put structures that help the company to only deal with quality commodities.

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