Building Strong Student Relationships

Making a classroom successful can be difficult. You have to make sure to keep your students productive and learning no matter how long the days can be. Helping the students build strong relationships with each other can be hard, but it is something that they need to do in order to be successful in school in the future. Instead of having just students in your classroom you will have a family. One teacher has spoke out about how she helps her students become a family through what she calls The Shout Out Door and a Book Recommendation spot inside of her classroom.

The Shout Out Door allows students write on sticky notes and thank their classmates for something or write them a compliment. They then leave the sticky note on the students desk for them to find. This gives students a little bit of a positive start to each day. The Book Recommendation spot allows students to share about books they love to read. This helps students want to be more active in reading and learning because it makes them want to read what their friends are reading.

These are two very simple things that the teacher does, but they are huge to the students. These two things keep the students actively engaged with each other, and with learning. They help the students develop an understanding of the importance of being kind to each other, and an importance to helping each other learn. Teachers can implement very simple things within their classrooms to help students want to build relationships with each other.

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