How Talkspace Changed the Way that People See Therapy

With suicides at an all time high there is no better time than the present to get people to start talking about alternatives to traditional therapy. It is designed to create a lot of great possibilities for people to want to avoid the traditional route as they seek answers to their questions by way of text messages. A ton of people need help, and this app is helping people communicate.

Online counseling is growing, and Talkspace has over a million users to provide it. People that are licensed can submit an application, engage in training and obtain clients. Once therapists are matched up with the clients that fit their specialty area they can start working on a caseload. This is great for anyone that has been interested in practicing online counseling in the states that they are licensed in.

More people are hearing about this Talkspace app, and they want the chance to be a part of it because counselors know that some people are too embarrassed to walk into an office and start a session with a counselor. They would rather do this discreetly, and that is why the Talkspace app is so important. It helps users keep a level of secrecy about their therapy that might be harder to conceal if they were utilizing a traditional method.

This app even has partnerships with champions athletes like Michael Phelps. This is a surefire way to get conversations started about Talkspace and the concept of online counseling. People have gained a greater amount of curiosity about this app from his partnership with Talkspace. He has shared his story, and more people want to know how they can get help for their mental

health issues.

This type of application is something that can serve as a great evolution in the way that people acquire counseling. Some people may not even realize that they need it. The good thing about an app like this is that it presents people with opportunities to have conversations. They can get a better feel on whether this type of session with a licensed therapy professional will be to their advantage.