Robert Deignan a Tech Enthusiast

Robert Deignan is an accomplished American entrepreneur and is currently the Co-founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services which is a private for-profit digital solutions company that he co-founded in the year 2011. ATS Digital focuses on the provision of a wide array of technical support solutions ranging from connectivity to troubleshooting all of which are performed remotely.

Robert Deignan besides business is a fantastic football who because of his unique skills in the sport earned a full scholarship at Purdue University. At Purdue, Robert pursued a B.S in Business Management and graduated in the year 1995. Robert as a professional American footballer has played for top football teams such as the Miami Dolphins including the NY Jets among others.

Robert Deignan entrepreneurship journey began in the year 1998 when he co-founded Fanlink, Inc. After serving the firm for close to three years, Robert left the firm and joined Is3, Inc. in the year 2002 as Executive Vice President. At iS3 Robert spent close to a decade before he embarked on his latest venture ATS Digital Services, LLC that he co-founded in August of 2011.

Robert Deignan being a tech enthusiast gives insights on some of the latest Software, key technological trends that are shaping the lives of everyday tech consumer. The five technological trends include artificial intelligence commonly referred to as AI, voice recognition, self-driving cars, speedy networks, and digitization. Most people utilize these technological innovations on a daily basis but have not taken time to deeply understand what all these developments are all about and the impact they can bring to humanity as a whole.

Robert delves deeply into Artificial Intelligence that he considers as a game changer in the tech world. According to Robert AI is not new as its coding is still the same as in the past. However, development on AI has been slow over the years due to lack of funding and lack of interest. Robert is now optimistic that AI is gaining momentum since computers can now store large data and can process data quickly. Things like mobile banking, voice assistants and email spam filters among others are already leveraging on the power of AI.AI according to Robert is going to revolutionize the world of technology and big companies such as Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook have realized the power of AI and have begun investing in it.

Bernardo Chua’s Role in Traditional Medicine

Modern medicine has proven to the world that it is ideal for treatment of complex medical problems. Herbs, especially in the traditional times, were used to treat different types of ailments. People who used this option got better in no time. Most of them did not face any reactions from the herbs they were being offered. There are people who want to continue using herbs to treat and manage the ailments that have been giving medics a hard time. The Chinese are leading in the use of traditional methods of healing. Bernardo Chua, a top medic from the Philippines, is leading the market. The businessman, who boasts of having Chinese routes, has founded a powerful company that specializes in the production and supply of personal products that have healing properties.

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Bernardo Chua made his career special decades ago when he took advantage of the love people had for coffee to ensure that diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes had no place in the society. The businessman, who had spent his childhood years trying to come up with a solution to the medical problems in the market, was very successful. His company is considered to be among the leading in direct selling, and it is known to many as ORGANO Gold. The products from this firm have made way to various destinations in the world. Infused with powerful herbs, the coffee and tea beverages that are made by this company have won the hearts of many. Apart from treating numerous dangerous diseases, consumers who use the herbs from Bernardo Chua have a better immune system compared to the people who do not use any product. The products from ORGANO Gold are sold by independent associated who are trained by the company to make the customers have the best experience.

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Randal Nardone – The Mastermind Behind Fortress Investment Success

Randal Nardone is among the individuals who have seen the massive growth and achievement of fortress investment. He is among the strong, intelligent minds in New York City who came up with the idea of founding Fortress Investment in the year 1998 and were willing to get things done. Driven by an ambitious force and desire to achieve, they have ensured that Fortress Investment grows exponentially. Visit

Fortress Investment fund is privately owned, and its major role is to provide equity to middle-level financial markets, providing capital ventures and hedge funds. It has played a very significant role through the application of technology to keep this financial entity running. Their slogan was and always has been, “customer first,” which has led to success.

By then, Randal Nardone was serving as a member of the management committee. And later in November 2006, he was appointed to serve in the board of directors. Currently, Randal Nardone Serves in the capacity of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Fortress investment after the former CEO was relieved his duties after joining the states security exchange. He is also a principal in the Fortress Investment Company Limited.

He currently serves in four boards across varied financial investments as an advisor and director as well. These boards include the Residential Investment where he serves as a member of the executive, plays director role at Brookdale and Springleaf Holdings and as vice principal and secretary at Newcastle Investments.

An achievement of Randal Nardone’s caliber does not just come from the blues, and this is due to the massive career experience acquired during his entire career journey encompassed by a strong academic background worth showing off.

Randal Nardone academic journey began at Connecticut University where he attained a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and English. He later joined Boston School of law and obtained his J.D.

Through the application of this skills, He has been able to appreciate the importance of team cohesiveness and him together with his counterpart Wes Edens have ensured that they do what it takes to put Fortress Investment Group at the helm as the topmost ranked privately operating equity organization.

He has always attributed his success to his desire of entrepreneurship and ability to get things done.


HGGC’s Background and Recent Headlines

HGGC is a private equity firm which launched in 2007. It is operational in North America and the international platform. The firm’s headquarters are in California. But there are other offices in Florida, Utah, Massachusetts, and Foxborough. Currently, Richard Franklin Lawson Junior is the co-founder and president of the company.
The company is well-versed in the provision of financial services. The services comprise of platform investment, leveraged buyouts, recapitalization, and add-on pro curation. The firm’s quest is to invest in the business, commercial, industrial, and healthcare sectors.
So far, the firm invests from around $25-$ 125 million in investment companies. HGGC has interests in those companies having revenues around $ 100- $ 1000 million. When entering into a deal, the firm either takes minority or majority roles of control rights. Earlier,the company went by the name Hunstman Gay Global Capital, LLC.
HGGC Recent Tidings
In October 2018, HGGC publicized the expansion of its team. The firm stated that it was getting six new delegates across operations, investment, and financial departments. The additions would ensure successful execution of investment strategy. The move would also further the company’s portfolio value creation. Getting talented hires paves the way for the continuation of the firm’s growth trajectory. The consortium will get these staff from business and blue-chip financial brands.
The new Staff at HGGC
Colin Phinisey handles the firm’s capital market enterprise encompassing its portfolio. Colin is an expert who has garnered experience through capital market executions. Before joining the firm, Phinisey served at Deutsche Bank as a director. He labored there for more than eight years before gaining his current position at HGGC.
Christopher Guinn will be serving as the chief director. His work will centralize on active operations on the consortium’s portfolio. Christopher managed integration acquisition for Golden Gate Capital Company before his recent admission.
Zachary Adams is also part of those joining the consortium’s team. Adams previously served as a partner at the Boston Consulting Group. Zachary’s work consisted of pricing and market studies in the retail and industrial arena. Other individuals who have become part of the company are William Spector, Patrick Malanga, and Hao Qin.


Let’s not beat around the bush here. Everyone wants to have a great credit score but not everyone is disciplined financially. Many people abuse credit cards, racking up consumer debt on clothes, fast food, luxury items, and really just things that they don’t need. What happens is that these same people can’t pay off the debt when the payment is due. So, they make the minimum payment month after month. Credit card companies take notice of these transactions and give them a horrible credit score. Because they got themselves into a hole, banks and credit unions won’t give them loans for things more important like auto loans or even mortgages. The good news is this doesn’t have to be you. If you use a credit card the right way, it can actually be very beneficial. In this article, I am going to be breaking down the top way on how you can improve your credit score using a very simple method.

  1. Pay off all debt

In order for your credit score to get better, you must show credit card companies that you can pay off the debt. When you finally get above water and make regular payments like you are supposed to, you will most likely notice that your credit score has improved. If you are dealing with larger debts, I would highly recommend using the debt avalanche method. This is where you pay off the debt with the highest interest rate first. This saves you money over the long run.

  1. No cash, no credit.

If you can’t afford to buy something with cash, don’t buy it. For beginners, I would recommend using credit cards for minor expenses like gas and groceries, things you know for sure you will be able to pay off when the payment is due.

Out of all the credit companies out there, I would recommend going with GreenSky. At GreenSky, they are very credible. GreenSky has a staff that is committed to giving you the best loans possible. GreenSky also has funded over one billions dollars worth of loans over the years. In the end, choosing to do business with GreenSky is a wise choice.

Nick Vertucci – Seven Figure Decisions, Having Balls to Succeed

Nick Vertucci is one of the most successful figures in the real estate business. He has been through thick and thin before he attained success in this complex and most feared form of business. At April 2018, he gave a hint about the launch of his new book entitled, Seven Figures Decisions; Having the Balls to Succeed. He authored this book to inspire all those who have been afraid of failure. In his book, Nick Vertucci gives an exhaustive and extensive explanation of the risks and the process that he underwent to reinvest in real estate business after encountering a severe and traumatic backslide in business.

Nick Vertucci initially used to run a tech business that specialized in the sales of computer accessories. He made tremendous success ta the initial stages of this business. This business helped him to raise his first million. However, the victory was short-lived as it came to a dramatic end in the climax of the 2000 dot-com crash. This crash caused him to lose all that he had and left him in massive debts. The loss was so severe that he almost lost his house. His up and down story is a great inspiration since it gives a clear impression of one of grass to grace, grace to grass and finally back to grace again. Nick Vertucci is a good example of the ups and downs of success.

In his book, Nick offers the awareness of business practices, the building blocks of a successful business, as well as the critical mindset that he had that took c enabled to fight back his way up to a state of financial freedom. Besides this, he has also dragged himself from the vast depression that he experienced following his failure in business. His book has gained much support, and it’s tremendously acknowledged by various great icons in the business world. This book is set for Nick Vertucci’s typical audience and real estate investment students.

The book is not just limited to that, but it’s also suitable for all those who are in search of the high level of success achievements inclusive of the experienced real estate investors since they can highly benefit from the ideas covered by Nick in this book. This book is a good background to all enthusiasts of real estate business. I recommend that you get yourself one and get to learn from a credible and reliable source on how to go about real estate business.