A Recap Of The Career Life Of Sheldon Lavin

The 86 years old has been in the business world for decades now. He has spent most of his career at OSI Group where he currently works as its CEO and Chairman for the board of directors. Sheldon Lavin started working for OSI in 1970 when the company was known as Otto and Sons. He joined the University of Illinois and Northwestern University to advance his education.

Other than working at OSI Group, he is also an entrepreneur and one of his ventures is a financial consultancy based in Chicago. At the University, he majored in finance and that has been helpful in running his firm. Mr. Lavin has played a key role in the growth of OSI Group since its early stages to the current level where it operates in 17 countries.

Sheldon Lavin has always strived to diversify the business portfolio at OSI. Some of the products that the company provides include meat, poultry products, fish, and fresh vegetables. According to the finance expert, OSI is a family and all the stakeholders are expected to follow its core values. He is a philanthropist and has participated in charitable activities for more than two decades now with various organizations including the Ronald McDonald House Charities. He plays a key role in the non-profit’s campaigns. During one of his interviews, the businessman said that most of the young entrepreneurs fail in their ventures as they lack managerial skills and experience.

One of the things that have helped Sheldon Lavin to grow in his career is that he works closely with various skilled people at firm and consults widely when making key decisions. Mr. Lavin is respected due to his professionalism. He is a recipient of several awards for his managerial experience and philanthropic work in different parts of the world. According to Sheldon Lavin, he got into the food industry to make a difference as many people depend on it every day. He acknowledges that he was nervous when he joined the sector but this changed after working for OSI Group as a top financial consultant.

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Robert Deignan a Tech Enthusiast

Robert Deignan is an accomplished American entrepreneur and is currently the Co-founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services which is a private for-profit digital solutions company that he co-founded in the year 2011. ATS Digital focuses on the provision of a wide array of technical support solutions ranging from connectivity to troubleshooting all of which are performed remotely.

Robert Deignan besides business is a fantastic football who because of his unique skills in the sport earned a full scholarship at Purdue University. At Purdue, Robert pursued a B.S in Business Management and graduated in the year 1995. Robert as a professional American footballer has played for top football teams such as the Miami Dolphins including the NY Jets among others.

Robert Deignan entrepreneurship journey began in the year 1998 when he co-founded Fanlink, Inc. After serving the firm for close to three years, Robert left the firm and joined Is3, Inc. in the year 2002 as Executive Vice President. At iS3 Robert spent close to a decade before he embarked on his latest venture ATS Digital Services, LLC that he co-founded in August of 2011.

Robert Deignan being a tech enthusiast gives insights on some of the latest Software, key technological trends that are shaping the lives of everyday tech consumer. The five technological trends include artificial intelligence commonly referred to as AI, voice recognition, self-driving cars, speedy networks, and digitization. Most people utilize these technological innovations on a daily basis but have not taken time to deeply understand what all these developments are all about and the impact they can bring to humanity as a whole.

Robert delves deeply into Artificial Intelligence that he considers as a game changer in the tech world. According to Robert AI is not new as its coding is still the same as in the past. However, development on AI has been slow over the years due to lack of funding and lack of interest. Robert is now optimistic that AI is gaining momentum since computers can now store large data and can process data quickly. Things like mobile banking, voice assistants and email spam filters among others are already leveraging on the power of AI.AI according to Robert is going to revolutionize the world of technology and big companies such as Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook have realized the power of AI and have begun investing in it.


Sussex Healthcare Celebrates Two Decades Of Service Delivery

Many people in society tend to find it stressful taking care of the older people in the house or any person suffering from neurological disorders. These mentioned people require special attention because if they are left alone without proper care things will turn to be worse. There are a number of facilities which provide care to these individuals in the world. In the United Kingdom, a renowned practice known as Sussex Healthcare provides home care and services to the elderly and those suffering from neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s syndrome and dementia.

Sussex Healthcare was founded in 1998 by two people Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani who are currently the company’s chairpersons. The organization has its headquarters in Horsham, West Sussex. It runs over 20 homes which are distributed mainly in Sussex area and other parts of the country. It mainly focuses on providing care for the elderly, people with neurological defects and the elderly who have learning and physical disabilities. The practice was accredited in 2002 by Health Quality Service (HQS) and it has investors from In People Standard. In 2005 it achieved the ISO Standard 9000:2000 and up-to-date it is the only independent home care provider in the UK which is accredited by both HQS an ISO.

Sussex Healthcare is made up of qualified working staff and a highly professional team of management who ensure smooth running of the foundation making it to be a highly reputable practice in the country. It aims at providing care to Sussex residents mainly and helps maintain their health status especially the elderly. There are different activities which are undertaken in the homes to improve the health of the individuals there, they include recreational, social and leisure activities. These activities help motivate and excite the individual thus improving their mental and physical wellbeing.

Last year on April 8th, Sussex Healthcare was celebrating 25 years of excellent care they have been providing in the United Kingdom. Their practice has helped the life of the many and restored happiness in families as well as improving the health of individuals.

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Things You Need To Know About OSI Group

OSI Group is still a leader when it comes to the production and distribution of meat-based products. The firm has been operating for decades, and it still maintains its position as the largest company-owned privately. The firm started as a small shop that majorly focused on delivering meat before it was later expanded and established in many parts of the country.

OSI Group has grown tremendously today, and it has established other branches in many parts of the globe. The customers of the firm have continued to give positive feedback about the company, and as a result, it continues to build its scope.

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Besides focusing on its clients, OSI Group has also put an eye on the issue of innovation. The efforts of the firm’s managers and other executives to ensure that the firm’s production is based on innovative measures have also contributed to its fast development. From using today’s modern machines to packaging their products about the recent trends in the market, the firm has continued to impress its clients. A vast number of people have also striven to purchase their products from the company due to the ability of the executives to put into place their preferences and tastes. When it comes to manufacturing the food products, a clear assessment is conducted on both the firm’s customers and the different flavors that ought to be used in the processing of the latter. As a result, each customer acquires a chance to give their view on the flavor they prefer and manufacturers can offer them.

OSI Group also strives to ensure that it serves its clients with integrity to maintain them. As a result, the firm has established a trustworthy team and chain of experts to ensure that the delivery of products, as well as their manufacture, is guided by a qualified and committed team of executives. The cautious measures taken by the firm’s workers have continued to help it in maintaining its great reputation as one of the best food production companies around the globe. The firm looks forward to establishing more of its affiliates in many other countries.

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Serge Belamant And Blockchain Technology

Serge Belamant is working to found a patent holder of blockchain technologies. This was once patented by Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Serge Belamant’s inventions have been at the top during the process of trying to get this patent. These technologies offered support in creating cryptocurrencies. The technology he developed helps banks, people, and the government with their investments. Blockchain is basically list of records that show cryptography over time.

Born in France in 1953, Serge Belamant worked with his father as a tiler since the age of 14. He moved from France to Africa at an early age. He had to learn how to read and write in English during the move. He attended an all boys school where he participated in many different athletic games. He did really well with his class work. He later went on to study engineering at college, he ended up changing his major and studying computer science. He did not ever finish his degree.

He became employed around the age of 22. He worked in analysis software on computers. He used statistical methods, digital mapping, and other things to create enhanced road networks. He has been working with risk management with banks for quite a while. Belamant wanted to find a way for transactions to run smoother and quicker. Vendors in Europe began to supply him with the equipment he needed. He developed switch to make these things easier.

Serge Belamant had a dream to make transactions and work easier within the bank setting. He worked hard and put a lot of time into his research, and eventually he made his dream a reality. Serge Belamant has developed ground breaking technologies that are going to help banks get up and running efficiently. He is a very successful individual and can only go up from here.

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The Key To Success With CEO Alex Hern

Alex Hern defines himself as a serial entrepreneur. A dedicated business advocate, who thrives off of the rush he receives from nurturing new business ideas into fruition. In his interview with David Budzinski, Alex Hern discusses his first business idea, Inktomi, and how the search engine integrated graphic design and innovative search engine technology.

Hern says that the search engine was supposed to cater to young children, depicting their favorite Marvel Universe characters as they interacted with the browser. Indicating, that the concept behind the browser, was simple but also practical and innovative. All he needed, find the right technology, and obtain the commercial licensing rights from Marvel.

Alex Hern, also has some tips and rules for new entrepreneurs.

Alex Hern believes wholeheartedly in business transparency. Business transparency is a virtue that most businesses tend to neglect. Each long term business decision is considered carefully, Alex Hern says that he was able to grow his various businesses by networking with the right people. The right people with the right expertise.

When starting their business careers early on, they should avoid multitasking. Alex Hern says that multitasking is incredibly inefficient. Adding, that entrepreneurs are better off dedicating a specified amount of time each day to conduct business. Alex Hern indicates that all of his business ideas were built on the notion that all business utilities, need to be accessible and efficient. Alex Hern says that all the projects acquired at Tsunami XR Company, are designed to be innovative, and adaptive technology catered to the needs of his business clientele as their business ideas grow and evolve into far-off technological realms

Currently, the company’s core business methodology is centralized on the unification of large work groups. Hern says that he has been busy creating a solid team at Tsunami XR, hoping in the future to have skilled personnel to intuitively shaped the future of technology.

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Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides at InnovaCare Health Inc.

InnovaCare Health is a privately owned organization that has been recognized as being on the frontline in offering services related to healthcare in the United States and Puerto Rico, where it was originally started. Currently, InnovaCare Health serves over four thousand members and is the leading provider of plans related to healthcare in Puerto Rico as well as having outstanding records of efficiency in the US. In 1998, Rick Shinto founded the organization after recognizing the need to create an efficient model that would see the inclusion of all players in the healthcare industry to ensure high quality and sustainable medical services to patients as well as connecting practicing physicians across the board.

Dr. Shinto studied at the University of California for his Bachelor of Science degree, the University of New York for his medical degree and at the University of Redlands for his masters degree. He has worked before in various capacities such as the CEO at Aveta Inc. and management team member, Chief Medical Officer in California at NIMM, at Medical Pathways Company as the Chief Medical Officer and Operating Officer, Medical Management Vice President at MedPartners, Chief Medical Officer at Cal Optima in California. He now lives in Los Angeles California and his regions of operations include the greater Los Angeles Area and the West Coast.

Penelope Kokkinides is the Director and Chief Executive Officer (CAO) at InnovaCare Health since 2016. She has served before as the COO ( chief operating officer) in the same organization and has been recognized for her extensive background experience and expertise in the medical field having previously served in various capacities at Aveta Inc., Touchstone Health HMO Inc. and other government-run programs that are related to matters concerning health care services. She has a degree in biological sciences and classical languages from the State University of New York in Binghamton, a masters degree in Social Work from the New York University in the USA and another from Colombia University Canada, in Public Health. Her experience is well over fifteen years, and her contribution was paramount to the development and implementation of the InnovaCare Health and healthcare model while she worked as the Vice President of AmeriChoice in the Care and Management Department. She now lives in New York, the USA and her regions of operations include the East Coast, NorthEastern US as well as the Greater New York area.


Alex Hern’s Work In AR World

With more than two and a half decades of experience as an entrepreneur, Alex Hern has made a major impact on the business world. Throughout his career Hern has made his biggest impact by taking young start up companies and helped move them to the next level. During his career Hern has worked with major companies like Goldman Sachs, Yahoo, Military Commercial Technologies and AOL. Alex Hern’s company Tsunami is revolutionizing the way people look at technology in particular virtual reality.

Augmented Reality has been making more and more buzz during the past few years. While the technology is used for many entertaining purposes, it is also finding its way into more practical areas such as the workplace. AR appears destined to make its biggest impact on business groups. The technology is becoming much more profitable with items like head mounted displays, glasses and goggles.

Alex Hern and his company Tsunami XR are working to make Augmented Reality more productive. The companies many software developers are constantly working to improve this technology and find innovative ways to use it. Tsunami has been working hard to develop software applications during the last five years. They use their various applications to provide a number of unique and powerful services including improving workforce training, unlocking operational efficiencies and increasing the uptime for industrial equipment.

Tsunami is just one example of the influence that Alex Hern has had. He co-founded and served as Director of Cloud Shield. He has also served on the board of Zero Knowledge Systems. His impact his huge and he and his company are the model for other companies trying to make an impact in the world of technology.

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HGGC’s Background and Recent Headlines

HGGC is a private equity firm which launched in 2007. It is operational in North America and the international platform. The firm’s headquarters are in California. But there are other offices in Florida, Utah, Massachusetts, and Foxborough. Currently, Richard Franklin Lawson Junior is the co-founder and president of the company.
The company is well-versed in the provision of financial services. The services comprise of platform investment, leveraged buyouts, recapitalization, and add-on pro curation. The firm’s quest is to invest in the business, commercial, industrial, and healthcare sectors.
So far, the firm invests from around $25-$ 125 million in investment companies. HGGC has interests in those companies having revenues around $ 100- $ 1000 million. When entering into a deal, the firm either takes minority or majority roles of control rights. Earlier,the company went by the name Hunstman Gay Global Capital, LLC.
HGGC Recent Tidings
In October 2018, HGGC publicized the expansion of its team. The firm stated that it was getting six new delegates across operations, investment, and financial departments. The additions would ensure successful execution of investment strategy. The move would also further the company’s portfolio value creation. Getting talented hires paves the way for the continuation of the firm’s growth trajectory. The consortium will get these staff from business and blue-chip financial brands.
The new Staff at HGGC
Colin Phinisey handles the firm’s capital market enterprise encompassing its portfolio. Colin is an expert who has garnered experience through capital market executions. Before joining the firm, Phinisey served at Deutsche Bank as a director. He labored there for more than eight years before gaining his current position at HGGC.
Christopher Guinn will be serving as the chief director. His work will centralize on active operations on the consortium’s portfolio. Christopher managed integration acquisition for Golden Gate Capital Company before his recent admission.
Zachary Adams is also part of those joining the consortium’s team. Adams previously served as a partner at the Boston Consulting Group. Zachary’s work consisted of pricing and market studies in the retail and industrial arena. Other individuals who have become part of the company are William Spector, Patrick Malanga, and Hao Qin.


Investment 1 on 1 with Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry had a vested interest when it comes to mathematics. This led him to pursue a degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics at the Heriot-Watt University in 2001.

Upon graduating, Watson Wyatt took him under his wings as an analyst for the manager research team. Later on, he moved to the Global Investment Management Services team as an analyst. Follow Gareth Henry on medium.com

In 2004, he moved to SEI investments where he acted as the investment manager. He also doubled up as the managed consultant, insurer and the pension funds. After a year of joining the firm, he was promoted to Director of Sholders.

Gareth Henry sought for greener pastures after two years of service. He landed an opportunity at the Fortress Investment Group in 2007. He shifted to the U.S. where he acted as the managing director.

While working as the Head of International Investor Relations, he managed to amass capital towards the Fortress’ hedge funds, private credit, private equity and real estate holdings. During his tenure, he was able to engage with different firms across Europe, the Middle East and United Kingdom.

Gareth Henry‘s talent was quick to be noticed by Angelo Gordon organization. The firm manages around $26 billion when it comes in terms of equity, credit investments and real estate. The firm offered full partnership as an executive where he was able to solidify the investor relations that covered across the U.S, Asia and the Middle East.

As a partner for Angelo Gordon Organization, he has managed to create $4.5 billion for the firm. In the following year, the real estate and credit products raised a total of $2.5 billion.

Simultaneously, Gareth Henry acted as the Global Head of Investor Relations. It was here that he managed to raise $4 billion as the hedge fund for the firm. He has managed to extend his network of contacts that deals in the line of pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and other capital sources. He has mastered the means by which investors relate to equity, hedge funds and bond investments.

Gareth Henry is currently residing in New York as a partner for the Global Head of Investor Relations by Angelo and Gordon.

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