Nitin Khanna Insights On Value Creation As An Entrepreneur

Through his prowess in business, Nitin Khanna has helped companies to capitalise on financial gains through strategic management. Nitin started his career soon after completing his studies at Saber Corp, a company which deals with M&A transactions. It was while working here that he witnessed the company being sold at a higher value than what the actual yearly income it generates. This observation pushed him to start his company MergerTech, which deals which a boutique technology bank is providing M&A advice. Nitin Has led the company by strategising and negotiation that has resulted in more significant gains. Other companies Nitin is involved with includes Freewire Broadband, Classic Wines Auction, TiE Oregon and Vendscreen. He specialises in advising different tones of cloud companies mobile and social spaces. Lately, he has been involved in the legalisation of recreational and medical marijuana See more here

Nitin’s insights on attaining success as an entrepreneur

He says that he is committed to making choices that help people grow socially and financially to make the world a better place. Nitin’s day typically involves meeting with his team and getting crucial information about his organisation. He is committed to networking and building meaningful connections for his company. By doing so, he can nurture relationships and business ideas for sustainable growth for his company. He can attain his goals by mentoring others as he sees them as a part of the big picture. As an investigator, Nitin says that he learns more daily and this helps him grow as a businessman. He enjoys the flexibility that comes with social media, and he is excited that the world is more connected now socially than it was some few years ago.

Advice to other entrepreneurs

As a young man Nitin was anxious, but now he understands that being focused on the significant life goals can help one to grow as an individual. He says that business people should realize that there is nothing like creating a balance between work and life since success can be achieved at any time not working hours only. Moreover, planning helps with attaining one’s goals. Furthermore, you should create something that people will talk about for a long time.

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Gareth Henry Funds An Actuarial Program Scholarship

Gareth Henry is known to have studied and majored in Actuarial Science and has had quite a legacy in this field since he graduated with a first class honors in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics. He has also served various managerial posts in big companies such as Global Head-Investor Relations and Partner at Angelo as the Managing Director, Gordon Co., and many others. His career has seen him for being an Investment Manager to an analyst at Watson Wyatt. Besides managing firms and investments, Gareth Henry has also been in charge of sales and marketing roles and responsibilities.

Many May know him as a manager, but he is way more than that. His career in the investment and statistical world is very impressive, and indeed he has made progress and handled issues that have helped him to be ranked among the best managers in business. What may not be known to the general public is that he is a philanthropist at heart.

Gareth Henry has made headlines in collaboration with his former University; Heriot-Watt University where he contributed towards an on an ongoing scholarship for students in the university who might be need of financial aid for their studies. Heriot-Watt University is known for providing the best Actuarial Science degree. The fund has provided a bursary option as well as a program that helps in mentoring and coaching that will facilitate career growth for students in the leading research university. In his speech made a hopeful promise and his vision is that the bursary program can help make students’ dreams come true, especially in Actuarial Science. The offer also extends to having being enrolled in Actuarial Science courses and Statistic courses.

Gareth Henry has left marks in the investment world and has managed to serve in many roles as a senior investor. With a background in Actuarial Science for his degree, he would like to see the facilitation and growth of this career. Heriot-Watt Actuarial Science program is a great program for modeling an all-around student in the sphere of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning as well as technology.

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Softbank Acquires Fortress Investment Group

Softbank recently acquired Fortress Investment Group at $3.3 billion. Fortress Investment Group is a leading alternative assets manager in the world. Softbank will not assume an active role in the management of the company. Fortress discovered that it performs well when its operations are not interfered with by stakeholders. The Japanese company asked Softbank to allow it to remain the way it is. Both companies stand to benefit by letting Fortress Investment Group handle their operations. They expect big returns from investments around the world. Softbank bought the company when it realized its potential and performance.

Fortress Investment is worth more than $42 billion of assets. The company was founded in 1998 and worked hard to get a sit in the top. It manages assets for about 1700 clients and investors. It values investment performance and helping clients get value for their money. It has a team of professionals who work hard for strong returns for customers. It has over 900 employees working around the clock meet customers’ expectations. The headquarters of Fortress Investment Group is in New York.

Core competencies of the company include capital markets, asset-based, operations management, and acquisitions. Fortress Investment specializes in asset-based investment and diversification. Its expertise includes pricing financing and managing assets. Employees attend workshop training to equip them with the necessary skills. Furthermore, Fortress Investment knows the industry well. It does not second-guess itself when deciding where to invest. It has experts who understand the market and give advice on investment decisions.

Fortress Investment has operation and assessment tools to help it navigate the market. They enable the company to get value from investments. Employees have first market knowledge that they use to analyze the market. Its knowledge in corporate mergers and acquisitions helps it work with different people in the industry. It consults stakeholders when making and executing investment decisions.

In 2017, the company launched an Intellectual Property Fund and Asset-Based fund. The management of the company cites market research and skilled employees as the reasons behind its success. Understanding market shifts and trends help Fortress Investment Group overcome every huddle.

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HGGC: The Private Equity Firm of Choice

HGGC is a company of relationship investors who specialize in partnering with founder-owners, business sponsors, and management teams to create and nurture distinct midsize businesses primarily in North America.

As a top-level worldwide private equity firm with more than $4.3 billion in terms of cumulative capital commitments, this company invests in portfolio companies that have over 60,000 employees located all over the world. Over the course of its history, the organization has accomplished recapitalizations, add-on acquisitions, platform investments and liquidity events that collectively add up to over $17 billion.

HGGC is a highly successful middle market private equity firm. It is staffed with professional and seasoned team members who have years of experience in operations and in collective deals. A major ambition of the organization is to ensure that its interests are in sync with those of its partners so that all parties share in each other’s successes. The organization has been structured to capitalize on the best strategies and procedures from both private equity and global corporations in order to grow middle market businesses outpace the rest of the market.

HGGC performs recapitalization, growth equity, and leverage buyout investments in middle market organizations. They typically invest in businesses that are updating destination markets that are permeated with obsolete and less efficient technology, which includes businesses such as insurance providers, car dealerships, grocery outlets, and marketing agencies.

HGGC conducts business and investments with a wide range of industry sectors. These sectors include technology and software tech-compatible services, financial services, business services, industrial as well as consumer. The company tends to focus its investments on middle-market companies that produce between $100 million to $1 billion in yearly revenue. This private equity firm mainly works with North American investments, but it has been known to do business outside of the country as well.

Recently, HGGC agreed to sell a minority stake in Davies Group Ltd., a provider of computerized solutions, consulting, and tech-enabled operations management, to Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo), for the benefit of certain clients of AIMCo. However, it will retain its majority stake in Davies Group Ltd.

Krishen Iyer on Contemporary Marketing Trends

Krishen Iyer is founder and CEO of Managed Benefits Services, based in Carlsbad and Fresno, which helps medical and dental insurance companies with their marketing needs. He sat down with Marketing Week for an interview on how he applies his marketing expertise to the medical benefits industry.

According to Iyer, one big issue facing the industry is that many marketing directors came up during the 90’s and early 2000’s, and may be somewhat lagging in their digital marketing skills. He cites one study where directors came in dead last in terms of their knowledge of PPC advertising, behind marketing executives, directors, and managers. The results were even more troubling when it came to e-commerce. For Krishen Iyer, this highlights the need for a greater emphasis on continuing education, not just for those on the front lines, but also for directors and managers.

One trend that Krishen Iyer is optimistic about is location-based marketing. Although recent privacy breaches have led users to become more cautious about sharing their location data, the Carlsbad resident points to customer rewards as a viable solution. One Microsoft survey showed that nearly all consumers would provide such information in return for such a bonus.

Another issue that Krishen Iyer discussed was the growing importance of brand value to a company’s overall marketing strategy. Consumers are more and more concerned with the values behind the brands they buy. In fact, one survey showed nearly universal preference for firms that treat their employees well and enjoy a solid reputation. A large majority even stated that they would be willing to pay more for brands that are socially conscious where their competitors are not.

A graduate of San Diego State University, located near the company’s Carlsbad office, Krishen Iyer went into the insurance business right out of college, founding his first venture, IHS Insurance. Read more on Iyer ‘s insurance marketing here.

He later went on to found My Premium Insurance, which cemented his reputation as an entrepreneur and afforded him the skills and expertise to start Managed Benefits Services, his current venture, which helps companies monetize their leads. He is passionate about learning, which has helped him become a success in the competitive world of business.

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HGGC’s Background and Recent Headlines

HGGC is a private equity firm which launched in 2007. It is operational in North America and the international platform. The firm’s headquarters are in California. But there are other offices in Florida, Utah, Massachusetts, and Foxborough. Currently, Richard Franklin Lawson Junior is the co-founder and president of the company.
The company is well-versed in the provision of financial services. The services comprise of platform investment, leveraged buyouts, recapitalization, and add-on pro curation. The firm’s quest is to invest in the business, commercial, industrial, and healthcare sectors.
So far, the firm invests from around $25-$ 125 million in investment companies. HGGC has interests in those companies having revenues around $ 100- $ 1000 million. When entering into a deal, the firm either takes minority or majority roles of control rights. Earlier,the company went by the name Hunstman Gay Global Capital, LLC.
HGGC Recent Tidings
In October 2018, HGGC publicized the expansion of its team. The firm stated that it was getting six new delegates across operations, investment, and financial departments. The additions would ensure successful execution of investment strategy. The move would also further the company’s portfolio value creation. Getting talented hires paves the way for the continuation of the firm’s growth trajectory. The consortium will get these staff from business and blue-chip financial brands.
The new Staff at HGGC
Colin Phinisey handles the firm’s capital market enterprise encompassing its portfolio. Colin is an expert who has garnered experience through capital market executions. Before joining the firm, Phinisey served at Deutsche Bank as a director. He labored there for more than eight years before gaining his current position at HGGC.
Christopher Guinn will be serving as the chief director. His work will centralize on active operations on the consortium’s portfolio. Christopher managed integration acquisition for Golden Gate Capital Company before his recent admission.
Zachary Adams is also part of those joining the consortium’s team. Adams previously served as a partner at the Boston Consulting Group. Zachary’s work consisted of pricing and market studies in the retail and industrial arena. Other individuals who have become part of the company are William Spector, Patrick Malanga, and Hao Qin.

Investment 1 on 1 with Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry had a vested interest when it comes to mathematics. This led him to pursue a degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics at the Heriot-Watt University in 2001.

Upon graduating, Watson Wyatt took him under his wings as an analyst for the manager research team. Later on, he moved to the Global Investment Management Services team as an analyst. Follow Gareth Henry on

In 2004, he moved to SEI investments where he acted as the investment manager. He also doubled up as the managed consultant, insurer and the pension funds. After a year of joining the firm, he was promoted to Director of Sholders.

Gareth Henry sought for greener pastures after two years of service. He landed an opportunity at the Fortress Investment Group in 2007. He shifted to the U.S. where he acted as the managing director.

While working as the Head of International Investor Relations, he managed to amass capital towards the Fortress’ hedge funds, private credit, private equity and real estate holdings. During his tenure, he was able to engage with different firms across Europe, the Middle East and United Kingdom.

Gareth Henry‘s talent was quick to be noticed by Angelo Gordon organization. The firm manages around $26 billion when it comes in terms of equity, credit investments and real estate. The firm offered full partnership as an executive where he was able to solidify the investor relations that covered across the U.S, Asia and the Middle East.

As a partner for Angelo Gordon Organization, he has managed to create $4.5 billion for the firm. In the following year, the real estate and credit products raised a total of $2.5 billion.

Simultaneously, Gareth Henry acted as the Global Head of Investor Relations. It was here that he managed to raise $4 billion as the hedge fund for the firm. He has managed to extend his network of contacts that deals in the line of pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and other capital sources. He has mastered the means by which investors relate to equity, hedge funds and bond investments.

Gareth Henry is currently residing in New York as a partner for the Global Head of Investor Relations by Angelo and Gordon.



Freedom Checks Questions Lead To Lucrative Investment Process

If you have questions about freedom checks you are not alone. In an investment market rife with scams overly profitable opportunities like freedom checks come around every week. Any investor worth their salt does not allocate a penny until they know the opportunity is legit. This is why the first question most ask is if a freedom check is a legit. The answer is yes. A freedom check is actually an investment in a natural resource company known as a Master Limited Partnership. MLP’s have been around since 1981. Master Limited Partnerships operate with what are called stakes. This is actually what an investor purchases when allocated money to freedom checks.

The next question is what exactly is a stake? A stake functions like a stock. It has no controlling interest but provides investors a percentage of the company selling it. Stakes provide said companies with working capital. The reason why natural resource companies operate as MLPs is because they qualify for a significant tax break. They also get all the benefits of a publicly traded entity, but remain a private institution. A freedom check in reality is a return of capital payment that investors receive on a monthly to quarterly basis. The amount received depends on how many stakes an investor purchased. Stakes can be acquired for as low as $10 dollars.

So why is this a good investment? Primarily, a natural resource investment is good because it’s a natural resource. Natural resources are always in demand and have a huge application value in the real world. In the case of MLPs the investment is made even better because they are U.S. companies. The government likes to award stateside resource companies to incentivize their expansion. This is good for the country as it makes the U.S. energy independent. This is why MLPs are granted a huge tax break. The tax break requires that they organize themselves as MLPs and sell stakes. It the requires them to allocate most of their revenue to said stakeholders. Therefore, the return from a freedom checks investment is o high. It is also why the investment not only legitimate but lucrative.

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