Dr. Saad Saad Lends His Opinion to the Vaccination Argument

Tis the season for school borne illnesses, and throughout the country the vaccine debate is getting heated. Every year Anti-Vaxxers gather to protest the administration of vaccines they claim are harmful, and every year numerous physicians avouch their importance. This year one of these celebrated physicians, Dr. Saad Saad, has decided to lend his voice to the issue. According to Dr. Saad vaccines are life-savers, and they rank on the same safety level as car seats and baby gates. Avoiding vaccinations for your child is akin to leaving the cover off an outlet. Sure, the child may never stick their finger in there, but in only takes one time to cause irreparable damage. Here are the four main reasons Dr. Saad recommends vaccinating your child.


They Exterminate Serious Diseases

Back in the sixties a Polio epidemic swept across the nation, leaving thousands of children entombed in iron lungs. Luckily, Polio is one of many serious illnesses that medicine weeded out. Vaccinations give children immunity to such illnesses, but also ensure that these illnesses do not make a comeback.


Vaccines Are Safe

According to Dr. Saad side effects from any vaccination are a rare occurrence. Most vaccines are vetted by a series of doctors, healthcare professionals, and scientists before being given to people. When there is a side effect it usually only because of allergic reactions. Despite this, the lack of disease-prevention without vaccines is far more dangerous than any side effect that can occur.


It Prevents the Spread of Disease

Cases in the U.S. where vaccine-preventable disease affect children still occur. Most of the time they involve babies who are too young to vaccinate, and others are due to allergies and immune-weakening medical problems. What stops theses cases from becoming epidemics is that most of the other children are vaccinated. Vaccinations prevent the spread of disease as much as they grant immunity from it.


Vaccines Pave the Way for the Future

So many diseases that claimed the lives of the young in years past have been completely weeded out by vaccines. According to Dr. Saad vaccines reduce and eliminate serious illnesses, allowing future generations to be free of the threat. Receiving vaccinations not only protects you precious loved one, but also ensures your grandchildren will be safe as well. An interesting case Dr. Saad likes to use is rubella. The vaccination of children from rubella also ended up reducing the risk of birth defects. Pregnant women could contract the disease in the womb from infected children. The lack of rubella took this threat away allowing for safer pregnancies and healthier babies born


About Dr. Saad

Dr. Saad Saad has led a storied career as a pediatric surgeon for over forty-years. He served as the Surgeon-in-Chief and Co-Medical Director for K. Hovnanian Children Hospital. He is an accomplished surgeon, respected professional, and inventor.