Education Secretary Betsy Devos

Mrs. DeVos was confirmed as the leader of the Education Department in an exceedingly close vote in the Senate. She has stated that she wants to perform every little thing within her power to cater to different schooling alternatives, like for example rendering it less difficult for mothers and fathers to send their youngsters to faith-based academic institutions. Her home state of Michigan happens to be an illustration of the manner through which supplementary educational differences are likely to contribute to a modification of the conventional scholarly strategy in the community.


She is the spouse of Mr. DeVos, the child of the entrepreneur Richard DeVos, whose fortune was estimated to be at 5.4 billion dollars in the year 2016. On the other hand, for twenty hours, liberal senators were in the Senate, and they repeatedly declared the fact that they disapprove of the latest chief for the Department of Education. These senators have claimed that Mrs. DeVos is unqualified for the role in addition to being an adversary of public academies.


Furthermore, Mrs. DeVos wishes to modify the academic strategy of the United States of America. Her scheduled appointment indicates that this an action which can make it easier for America to restructure an educational structure that is much less cost-effective when compared with the ones from various other developed nations around the world. She has also found herself involved in a debate about weapons in schools that has already been intense since the homicides at Sandy Hook in 2012.


Mrs. DeVos possesses the past experiences in schooling that will enable her to accomplish the task as well as being a political fighter. Because of that, liberals and teachers’ unions, were astounded by the proposed scheduled appointment of the conservative Betsy DeVos. For these reasons, she is going to have the capacity to make use of the connections that she seems to have built within the GOP to further her strategies to revolutionize the academic setup of the United States of America.


She also supports charter academies. These types of academic institutions furnish scholars, following the philosophies of their advocates, an alternate choice for a method of training. These schools function differently from public educational institutions which often can be significantly less efficient.


Most of the senators who voted against her appointment are also directly connected with public education, which required them to cast their vote against her confirmation as the latest director of the Education Department.


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Stream Energy Finds A Way To Give Back To The Community Productively

There is something special about the work that Stream Energy has been doing lately. That is because they are helping to take care of their fellow citizens. Hurricane Harvey caused a lot of havoc and heartache in the Houston area. Although Stream Energy is based in Dallas, they felt that they had to do something to help their fellow Texans. They decided to partner with Hope Supply Co. to work out some ways that they could give back to those who so obviously needed it.


The two formed a charity wing to what they were doing. It was now going to be possible to give back to others in a way that was helpful and positive for the company’s image at the same time. You just don’t always see things that work out quite so perfectly like that.

Stream Energy is following in the footsteps of others who have discovered that it is truthfully quite helpful to them to give away at least some of their money to causes that are deserving of it. There is no better sign of this than the fact that corporate America gave away $19 billion dollars to such causes both at home and overseas in 2016.

Much of the world looks on in awe of the amount that American businesses are willing to help out those in need. They are impressed and want to figure out the secret to getting their own companies to make the same proactive choices. Stream Energy is a great example of yet another American company that is more than happy to help out others when they are in their time of need.

There is still a lot of work that needs to be done in terms of Hurricane Harvey relief. Just because the storm has faded into the background memories of most of the rest of the nation does not mean that Stream Energy has forgotten what has happened. They fully understand that they are still needed and that those in the Houston area in particular are not going to forget the helping hand that they lent when it was most in need.

Adam Milstein Hails Israeli-America Accomplishments

Adam Milstein is a proud Israeli-American. Born in Haifu, Israel, a young Adam Milstein served the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) into which he was drafted in 1971. In 1993 ,while in service of the IDF, he fought in the Yom Kippur War. He later studied at Technion, Israel institute of Technology, from which he graduated with 1978, with a Bachelor degree in business and economics. In 1981 Adam Milstein moved to the United States and later earned a MBA from the University of Southern California (USC).

Managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties, Adam Milstein is also co founder of Israeli-American Council (IAC), which is a non-profit organization, focused on the preservation and strengthening of Israeli and Jewish culture and heritage for future generations. Adam Milstein is a philanthropist, who gives support to numerous educational projects through the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The foundation which was named after Milstein and his wife, was founded in 2000.

In his thrust to educate young professionals about their Jewish roots, Milstein frequently has authored and had published, several articles on The Jerusalem Post. Through this medium, he has used his writing as a platform to draw attention to issues affecting the stability of Israel, anti-semitism and Jewish pride and other related issues.

His recent article titled, “Why Americans are celebrating Israel’s 70th, published on May 9, 2018, highlights Milstein’s pride in Israel’s accomplishments over the pass seven decades. He hailed the United States consistent role in Israel’s successes and most recently, President Donald Trump’s move to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and relocating the embassy there.Milstein not only applauded the successes of Israel and the Jewish people, but he carefully traced the shared values between America and Israel. Notably, religious freedom and tolerance. He opined, the American dream is similar to the Zionist dream, taking time to chronicle, pass challenges of both countries and present partnerships.