Ideamensch Interview with Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is a New York-based Orthopedic that has specialised over the years in areas to do with bone and joint correction, as well as replacement of the same. Currently, Dr. Ira is the chairman of a board known as the Bronxcare Health System.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is reputable for using technology to help him in his efforts towards making treatment of his clients as modern as possible. He has also served on some medical boards all over New York.

Moreover, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum had in the past served as a Community Health editor for the medical issue known as WebMD. Dr. Ira studied medicine as his undergraduate course from Brown University, and then he studied at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine where he completed his residency. See Dr Ira’s career and hospital affiliations¬† here¬†

To specialise in knee, shoulders and hips replacement, he furthered his studies at the Thomas Jefferson University. Ideamensch recently interviewed him regarding his company, BoneHone, as well as other medical and entrepreneurial insights.

During the interview, he pointed out that the idea for his company was sparked by Medscape Orthopedics where he saw the potential of his company thriving among the best. He also described how a typical day in his life looks like, where he pointed out that he begins his day by checking on emails and other social media notifications especially from Linked In which gives him a chance to interact with as many medical practitioners as possible.

This is then followed by him getting to work and having a meeting with doctors from his department where they discuss the activities of the day. Dr. Ira also mentioned that Value-based Healthcare is one of the current trends that excite him the most. Book an appointment with Dr Kirschenbaum through this link.

When he was asked about he makes sure to maintain consistency in his productivity as an entrepreneur, he mentions that he tries as much as possible to interact with other surgeons so that he can seek their different opinions regarding different subjects.

Dr. Walden Shows Off Her Med Spa

Part of feeling good at a doctor’s office is feeling welcomed the second the patient steps inside. Patients who feel the doctor understand their concerns from the very first are patients who can relax and let go of their worries. This is a process that Dr. Jennifer Walden cares about deeply. As one of the most renowned plastic surgeons in Texas, she knows that patients rely on her for many services. She wants all of her patients to feel a sense of serenity as they meet with her and her staffers. She wants them to realize that she can make a real difference in their lives and help them achieve their very best selves. This is why she pays close attention to all of the details in her office. Setting the tone is hugely important. It lets patients know they are good hands with caring and highly trained professionals. An office that exudes a feeling of relaxation is good for the lives and health of all those who come to work with Dr. Walden.

Making it Comfortable

In a recent photo on Instagram, Dr. Walden demonstrates how all comes together for her patients in her office from the very first. Visitors are greeted with lovely pictures of butterflies in various colors. Comfortable seating and lighting are also provided in soothing tones designed to flatter the skin. Dr. Walden knows that people pay attention with all of their senses. She wants them to see beautiful things that remind her clients of the beauty they hope to get when working with her. People who come to her med spa are given the sense that they can establish a close connection with her staff and their comforts take priority. Dr. Walden loves what she does and wants to give back to the community that has helped nurture and raise her. She aims to reach out to clients who look to her to expert plastic surgery that can help them feel better about their lives. With her assistance, it’s possible for all those who come to her office to get the body they really want.

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