Talkspace Has Gained A Well-Known Ally From The Athletic World:

Michael Phelps, an athlete renowned for his exploits in the world of competitive swimming, has also opened up quite a bit in recent years about the struggles he has had in his life in regard to his mental health. He has fought his own battle with the issues of anxiety and depression over the years and has become a major advocate for mental health awareness over the last couple of years. Now, Michael Phelps is joining up with a unique new online therapy provider that is known as Talkspace. As a part of his new campaign with Talkspace, Michael Phelps has been featured in a new television campaign that has been aired across the United States.  Check out to read more about Talkspace

What makes Talkspace unique is the fact that the platform gives its users the ability to connect with licensed therapists in a manner that is more easy and convenient than any that has been available before. Talkspace users can access the therapy that they need through their smartphone or tablet or they can access it through a computer. The company’s profile is getting a huge boost now that an athlete as well-known as Michael Phelps is joining its Board of Advisors. This is all a part of the Talkspace strategy to continue to make a massive difference in the lives of those who suffer from conditions related to mental health issues.

AT the head of Talkspace is its co-founder Oren Frank. He has made a name for himself as one of the leading figures in the industry of text-therapy. It was during the 2012 calendar year that Oren first founded Talkspace and since that time, the organization has been able to help millions of individuals. Many of these individuals had never sought treatment of any kind before their experience with Talkspace. This is a great demonstration of the massive difference that the platform is making in terms of getting people to give therapy a try.



Serge Belamant And Blockchain Technology

Serge Belamant is working to found a patent holder of blockchain technologies. This was once patented by Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Serge Belamant’s inventions have been at the top during the process of trying to get this patent. These technologies offered support in creating cryptocurrencies. The technology he developed helps banks, people, and the government with their investments. Blockchain is basically list of records that show cryptography over time.

Born in France in 1953, Serge Belamant worked with his father as a tiler since the age of 14. He moved from France to Africa at an early age. He had to learn how to read and write in English during the move. He attended an all boys school where he participated in many different athletic games. He did really well with his class work. He later went on to study engineering at college, he ended up changing his major and studying computer science. He did not ever finish his degree.

He became employed around the age of 22. He worked in analysis software on computers. He used statistical methods, digital mapping, and other things to create enhanced road networks. He has been working with risk management with banks for quite a while. Belamant wanted to find a way for transactions to run smoother and quicker. Vendors in Europe began to supply him with the equipment he needed. He developed switch to make these things easier.

Serge Belamant had a dream to make transactions and work easier within the bank setting. He worked hard and put a lot of time into his research, and eventually he made his dream a reality. Serge Belamant has developed ground breaking technologies that are going to help banks get up and running efficiently. He is a very successful individual and can only go up from here.

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The Key To Success With CEO Alex Hern

Alex Hern defines himself as a serial entrepreneur. A dedicated business advocate, who thrives off of the rush he receives from nurturing new business ideas into fruition. In his interview with David Budzinski, Alex Hern discusses his first business idea, Inktomi, and how the search engine integrated graphic design and innovative search engine technology.

Hern says that the search engine was supposed to cater to young children, depicting their favorite Marvel Universe characters as they interacted with the browser. Indicating, that the concept behind the browser, was simple but also practical and innovative. All he needed, find the right technology, and obtain the commercial licensing rights from Marvel.

Alex Hern, also has some tips and rules for new entrepreneurs.

Alex Hern believes wholeheartedly in business transparency. Business transparency is a virtue that most businesses tend to neglect. Each long term business decision is considered carefully, Alex Hern says that he was able to grow his various businesses by networking with the right people. The right people with the right expertise.

When starting their business careers early on, they should avoid multitasking. Alex Hern says that multitasking is incredibly inefficient. Adding, that entrepreneurs are better off dedicating a specified amount of time each day to conduct business. Alex Hern indicates that all of his business ideas were built on the notion that all business utilities, need to be accessible and efficient. Alex Hern says that all the projects acquired at Tsunami XR Company, are designed to be innovative, and adaptive technology catered to the needs of his business clientele as their business ideas grow and evolve into far-off technological realms

Currently, the company’s core business methodology is centralized on the unification of large work groups. Hern says that he has been busy creating a solid team at Tsunami XR, hoping in the future to have skilled personnel to intuitively shaped the future of technology.

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Alex Hern’s Work In AR World

With more than two and a half decades of experience as an entrepreneur, Alex Hern has made a major impact on the business world. Throughout his career Hern has made his biggest impact by taking young start up companies and helped move them to the next level. During his career Hern has worked with major companies like Goldman Sachs, Yahoo, Military Commercial Technologies and AOL. Alex Hern’s company Tsunami is revolutionizing the way people look at technology in particular virtual reality.

Augmented Reality has been making more and more buzz during the past few years. While the technology is used for many entertaining purposes, it is also finding its way into more practical areas such as the workplace. AR appears destined to make its biggest impact on business groups. The technology is becoming much more profitable with items like head mounted displays, glasses and goggles.

Alex Hern and his company Tsunami XR are working to make Augmented Reality more productive. The companies many software developers are constantly working to improve this technology and find innovative ways to use it. Tsunami has been working hard to develop software applications during the last five years. They use their various applications to provide a number of unique and powerful services including improving workforce training, unlocking operational efficiencies and increasing the uptime for industrial equipment.

Tsunami is just one example of the influence that Alex Hern has had. He co-founded and served as Director of Cloud Shield. He has also served on the board of Zero Knowledge Systems. His impact his huge and he and his company are the model for other companies trying to make an impact in the world of technology.

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Serial Entrepreneur Alex Hern Builds New Cutting-Edge Tech Firm

Alex Hern is a San Diego-based serial entrepreneur. For over 25 years he has been building early stage ventures in the technology sector. Among the companies he has co-founded are Inktomi and Yesmail, both of which he was the director of. He also co-founded a military commercial tech firm where he the chairman of the board of directors and the chief executive officer. This company was backed by L-3 and Lockheed.

He is now at Tsunami which is a firm he co-founded that creates virtual reality and augmented reality services. He says that the computer industry is transitioning from one that is driven by the central processing unit (CPU) to one that is based on the graphical processing unit (GPU). Alex Hern says that this transition means that new software needs to be developed to take full advantage of the GPU. His company’s software is available for personal computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Alex Hern says that he spends four to five hours of each workday solely focused on one thing on his agenda that will advance his company. He says that a mistake far too many business people make is that they try to juggle multiple tasks at a time, known as multitasking. He says he has seen numerous studies that indicate the more you are trying to do at a time the worse you’re going to perform at each of them.

At Tsunami, Alex Hern is looking to incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence into the world of AR and VR. He is also looking to use cloud-based computing in order to create artificial realities that are as close to the real thing as possible. What he won’t be adding into any of Tsunami’s services is social media as he regards it as a waste of time that distracts from real friends, family, and life.

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