What is the JHSF?

Founded over four and a half decades ago, the JHSF has become the market leader when it comes to high-income real estate across Brazil and covers both the private home and commercial sectors across the country; these include the likes of shopping centers, upscale hotels, and international executive airport. The company does more than just help with the buying and selling of real estate; it’s also involved in the development and management of these properties.

Ever since it was founded, the JHSF has been widely renowned for its ability to identify new business opportunities in the areas that it operates. Because of that, they’ve managed to innovate and lead in almost all aspects of the real estate industry across Brazil. This renown has also be gathered due to the companies high-quality service and its ability to present sustainable solutions to many problems that are currently affecting the real estate market. Because of this philosophy, the company quickly gained high-quality clientele and managed to acquire quite a considerable portfolio of real estate.JHSF was founded by Fábio Auriemo in 1972, and after that, it grew relatively quickly.

However, when he stepped down as President of the company, he passed the title onto his son, José Auriemo Neto. Now, however, José Auriemo Neto had managed to earn the position that he was taking over. Back in 2011, he approached his father with an 80,000-square-meter lot on the edge of Marginal Pinheiros that would be great for development. Despite repeatedly being turned down, Mr. Neto eventually managed to convince his father to let the business buy the lot and develop it.

As it turns out, José Auriemo Neto was right about the 80,000-square-meter lot; now it’s the home of the largest real estate complex across Brazil, with very few competitors coming close to the sheer size of the complex. Once his father stepped down from the business, Mr. Neto naturally took his father’s place; now he’s the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of JHS, which is arguable the biggest real estate company in the country. Not too bad of a result for taking a risk with an empty lot.

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