Cassio Audi: Brazil’s Financial Division for Business and Entrepreneurship

Cassio Audi is a South American businessman from Brazil. Brazil is a unique South American country. Unlike other South American countries, Brazils primarily speaks Portuguese. Portuguese is noted as the country’s primary language. With millions of speakers, Portuguese is the language of most Brazilian businessmen. Cassio Audi conducts his local business in Portuguese. When businessmen travel abroad, they may be required to communicate in another language. Most Brazilian businessmen speak Portuguese as their first language, Spanish as their second and English as their third. Many Brazilian businessmen are multilingual. Entrepreneurs from Brazil are also well-versed in cultures and languages. South America is home to many countries that speak Spanish.

As a result of their geographical location, many communities located on the border of Brazil have been influenced by Spanish dialect. There are many dialects of Spanish spoken near Brazil. Brazil and Peru share a unique border. Portuguese has been innovatively influenced by the Spanish language. Universities typically conduct their lectures and studies in Portuguese. If a university in Brazil has many Spanish enrollees, they may accommodate those students. Many universities teach students from the United States who primarily speak English as their first native language.