Remarkable tweets by legendary entrepreneur, Shervin Pishevar

Investors and entrepreneurs from different parts of the world may know Shervin Pishevar because of his outstanding skills when it comes to predicting economic trends. Apart from being one of the investors in Uber, he also has other companies under his name. In the past, he has predicted things which have come to be true to the surprise of his followers. He has been a man who warns others and advises them on the best way to invest their money. In his 21 hour tweetstorm, he talked about many topics. His tweets sparked discussions and it is apparent that what he set is not the motions he set will not die soon. He made various predictions and discussed a variety of topics.

He started by pointing out a financial storm that he had seen coming several months ago. He picked another topic where he wrote about Silicon Valley predicting its end. Later he went ahead to exam stock market volatility which he felt it would affect the market negatively. Shervin Pishevar also said he believed that Bitcoin would continue to crash but thought at some point; the cryptocurrency would start gaining value once again. One of his popular tweets is, “the era of cheap money was over.” The successful entrepreneur said some issues like crashing stocks, inflation and underemployment would cause severe economy in different parts of the world.

Advising investors to consider putting their money on precious stones, he said that he believes gold would rise in value. Shervin Pishevar predicted the continued Bitcoin crash although according to him, it would finally come to be stable. While talking about the state of the United States, he commended on the infrastructure and disorganization in the country. Shervin Pishevar, who is a successful and talented entrepreneur cited that China is ahead when it comes to its execution speed.

He quoted the ability of China to build a train in 9 hours and believes the infrastructure in the United States will continue being a problem because companies and the government are not looking at the long-term goals. His tweets are a subject of discussion to many entrepreneurs to know the way forward and how to make decisions in the future.

Robert Deignan a Tech Enthusiast

Robert Deignan is an accomplished American entrepreneur and is currently the Co-founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services which is a private for-profit digital solutions company that he co-founded in the year 2011. ATS Digital focuses on the provision of a wide array of technical support solutions ranging from connectivity to troubleshooting all of which are performed remotely.

Robert Deignan besides business is a fantastic football who because of his unique skills in the sport earned a full scholarship at Purdue University. At Purdue, Robert pursued a B.S in Business Management and graduated in the year 1995. Robert as a professional American footballer has played for top football teams such as the Miami Dolphins including the NY Jets among others.

Robert Deignan entrepreneurship journey began in the year 1998 when he co-founded Fanlink, Inc. After serving the firm for close to three years, Robert left the firm and joined Is3, Inc. in the year 2002 as Executive Vice President. At iS3 Robert spent close to a decade before he embarked on his latest venture ATS Digital Services, LLC that he co-founded in August of 2011.

Robert Deignan being a tech enthusiast gives insights on some of the latest Software, key technological trends that are shaping the lives of everyday tech consumer. The five technological trends include artificial intelligence commonly referred to as AI, voice recognition, self-driving cars, speedy networks, and digitization. Most people utilize these technological innovations on a daily basis but have not taken time to deeply understand what all these developments are all about and the impact they can bring to humanity as a whole.

Robert delves deeply into Artificial Intelligence that he considers as a game changer in the tech world. According to Robert AI is not new as its coding is still the same as in the past. However, development on AI has been slow over the years due to lack of funding and lack of interest. Robert is now optimistic that AI is gaining momentum since computers can now store large data and can process data quickly. Things like mobile banking, voice assistants and email spam filters among others are already leveraging on the power of AI.AI according to Robert is going to revolutionize the world of technology and big companies such as Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook have realized the power of AI and have begun investing in it.